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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Floris 2004.11.22 - 04:26PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
The drunken kids were great:) And Mr. Weasley made a very astute observation at the end...

Author's Response: Thanks. I really had fun writing the kids. I have to admit that I was usually the Ginny in that situation.

As for Arthur... I think he can be a very astute man when he's being serious.

Author's Response: Oh! And by the way, you were my 100th review! *bells and whistles*

Gina Potter 2004.11.22 - 04:12PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
Bill is an ass! I still agree with what he said, about fighting for what he believed, but to say those things about Snape when he proved more then once that he is on their side is just stupid. Go Harry! I liked to see him defending Snape, but it's so strange to see it... But I dind't like when he said that Remus knew about Sirius' prank. That was insensitive, because the implications would be that Remus wanted to kill him. Another thing: I know in OotP we saw that awful scene, but Snape wasn't always the saint or the victim. He played pranks on the Marauders too. Please, I'm not making excusing for them, but I just don't believe that Snape was a quiet little boy.

Author's Response: Oh, I don't believe Snape was an innocent victim. I'd say he gave at least as good as he got.

I think Harry has a habit of seeing things in black and white, though. Either good or bad. I think he is aware that which you are can change moment to moment, but he thinks that people's actions are either right or wrong, good or evil. And at the moment, he seems to think Snape was the victim, which implies he couldn't be the instigator as well. Wonder what he'll think in three or four chapters...

Patricia 2004.11.22 - 03:18PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
Hi Silverthreads here. Tried to leave a review at ff net. This is one of the most stirring chapters in a story that I have ever read. It left me completely breathless at the end! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love to hear I've elicited that kind of reaction from my readers!

And I think FFnet is upgrading or something. If I'd realized that was starting Sunday (which I should have since it was on the announcement page and I read the announcement) I would have read the latest chapter you left up there. *is itching to know what is happening with poor little Octavius*

LariLee 2004.11.22 - 02:50PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Signed
I'm so glad the kids are the ones showing more freaking sense than the adults involved... well, most of the adults. Crustacean curse was a nice touch. :-D And the dialogue is terrific! ~Lisa

Author's Response: On the surface it looks an awful lot like 'out of the mouths of babes', doesn't it? But still. I'd be rather leery of anything that seems so cut and dry. I tend to think that Harry over-simplified a great deal. Wonder what you are all going to think when you find out where Severus has been...



me 2004.11.22 - 12:57PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
Awesome chapter! I'd like to smack Bill, Remus, and Charlie. WTF is wrong with these people? This man is responsible for saving the lives of the kids, and they had trouble believing him. Then and now. It's really disgusting. Leave it to the kids to figure that out. Severus may be telling them something they don't want to hear. Oh, goodness, look at me get all upset! Following along with baited breath!

Author's Response: Can you really blame them? Really? If someone told you that an issue close to your heart was a lost cause, would you not get upset? Bill and Charlie are still very young. Old enough to be adults, but young enough to be reckless, and young enough to be idealistic.

And, they don't really have much reason to trust Snape. Sure he saved the kids, but did he really have a choice? Or perhaps more accurately, what was his reason? The goodness of his heart, do you think? We don't have an awful lot of evidence that there is much goodness to Snape's heart.

And Snape, regardless of whether he's right or wrong, was extraordinarily insensitive about all this, wasn't he?


I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I'll have the next update up as soon as I can manage it.


Gina Potter 2004.11.22 - 07:03AM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
First of all, just wanted to say that I loved the beggining of the fic. That brought me so many memories. And it's always fun to read about Harry, Ron and Ginny drunken like that (Harry is right, they should get Hermione drunken first, next time). More serious stuff: now I think Bill and Charlie are unfair to Snape. I still agree with their first reaction, but I was hoping they would change their minds about him. Poor Remus, I guess all of this is hard for him, because he is really disapointed. But Snape didn't leave the Order, right? He just needed some time to think, right? But he is an ass for forgetting about Autumn and letting her like that. Poor woman!

Author's Response: And why, exactly, should Bill and Charlie trust Snape? He helped save Ginny's life, yes, but his record really speaks poorly for him, you must admit. He's nasty and ill-tempered, and I'd say probably very difficult to trust. Bill particularly was reluctant to trust Snape, and I think that his suspicions have simply been confirmed.

And Remus? Disappointed. Yes. I think that's a very accurate description. Snape really let him down. Imagine putting that kind of effort into a friendship only to have it thrown back in your face.

Did Snape leave the Order? I guess you'll have to read and find out ;)

Did he forget about Autumn? Not likely. A conscious decision I'd say.

I'm glad you're enjoying the fic!


K~Marie 2004.11.21 - 04:08PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
great chapter. i love the bit about the kids drunk...it adds a lot of humor in a sort of dark chapter. can't wait to see where severus went. update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad everyone found the humor of the kids drunk. I thought some comic relief was needed.

Thanks for the review!


herzlichst 2004.11.21 - 03:54PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
thanky you for the update and your story - i check the progress every day, and when there is an new chapter i have to read it instantly - your writing is extraordinairy (i read a lot of fanfiction) thank you for delight my spare time! greetings from vienna

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! jen

Jessica 2004.11.21 - 01:48PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
Oh hell, an emotional and plot-line cliff-hanger. Please - update soon. I know it must seem presumptuous having people telling you that you must update but it is your fault that I am addicted!

Author's Response: LOL I love having people command me to update! It means I've got you hooked ;)

Thanks for reading!

LariLee 2004.11.21 - 12:35PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Signed
Humor and drama mixed so well... Naturally, Hermione would be the only one not drunk. Good touch. But Snape's disappearance is very troubling... Excellent job and terrific cliffie. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought it needed a touch of humor to lighten the mood a bit, especially going into the kitchen scene.

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