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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Floris 2004.11.23 - 09:15PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Anonymous
Oooooo! Juicy! That was evil misdirection at the start...I love it! At this point I'm hoping Snape is just going to think outside the box and form a strategy of his own. But I trust him. He has Autumn now. I hope...

Author's Response: You trust him? How touching :) But the realy question is how well do you trust me? *evil cackling laughter*

And I love that so many people took my 'bait' at the beginning of the chapter. So... what do you think Severus should do?

EllieK 2004.11.23 - 08:38PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
I am trying to type with teary eyes. That was very intense. Harry sure seems matured by circumstance. I am so glad that he sees what Snape has been doing for the Order and the kids in particular. Amazing of him to stand up for Snape when even he self-proclaimed friend, Lupin, was willing to toss him to the wolves. Thank you, Harry!!! From the mouth of babes...

Author's Response: All right, I'm on a quest to respond to all these old reviews that I let slide-- five a day if I have to.

I was going for the 'from the mouth of babes' bit in this chapter, though in Lupin's defense, I think he's been more than accommodating with Severus and it's high time Severus gave him some reasons to be. But that's just me. I thought it was touching to have Harry stand up for Snape though, and it does give me a nice opening for a Harry/Snapey scene later on ;)

Thanks for the review!


Gina Potter 2004.11.23 - 08:28PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Anonymous
I wanted to punch Snape at the beggining because I thought he'd cheated on Autumn. That passed. But by the end of the fic I wanted to kill him! The things Lucius was offering was only tempting to him. I don't understand him, I really don't. When he started to consider the possibility of being a spy again, I thought he was crazy, because Voldemort would never believe him, but when he starte to consider being one of them again I was so disappointed, because I don't like him, but I always believed in him. How can he even think about the possibility to side with a monster that would not think twice before killing the woman Severus supposedly love (or is falling in love)? And what is this thing about Dumbledore using him? They are in a war, everyone has their role; if Dumbledore was using him, he wouldn't be aware of that. The fact the he considered to be a Death Eater again made me sick. If he doesn't want to fight for people like Bill, Charlie and Remus, he should fight for Autumn, Dumbledore and Minerva.

Author's Response: Lucius' timing was impeccable, though. Severus was really deeply hurt by the way the Order rejected him, I think, and in my universe, Lucius knows him like an older brother. There's a real sense of things coming full circle here-- tension between Snape and the 'heros', a tempting choice, Lucius stepping in to offer those things that Severus wants most. Acceptance, responsibility, prestige... It hit Severus hard to suddenly have no active role in this war-- he was used to be needed. To being critical.

And, this might well be my own jaded perception creeping in, but frankly I don't like Dumbledore, and I think he is a manipulative idealist who isn't much better than Voldemort. And I feel that DD *is* using all the members of the Order, and I feel that he is using his position as beloved Headmaster to influence the students without telling them what decisions he is guiding them to make... I have expansive theories about Dumbledore, actually, and I don't see him as the kindly old grandfather everyone else seems to see him as.

If there is anyone Severus would fight for, it would be Autumn. But that's a big 'if'

K~Marie 2004.11.23 - 08:17PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Anonymous
the dialogue is so good! aggh malfoy, you evil cow, leave snape alone! i gotta know what happens! such a cliffhangar!

Author's Response: You don't really think Malfoy would leave Snape alone, do you? *cackles evilly*

EllieK 2004.11.23 - 08:15PM 22: Chapter 22: More Questions Than Answers Anonymous
It really is amazing how people hear different things. Like, what they want to hear or expect to hear, instead of what is really being said. It must be hard to trust a once Death Eater and even I fear that sometimes Snape will really turn out ot be on the "wrong side" when all is said and done. I wish Remus had really been there for Severus this time. Severus was really learning to trust and respect Lupin, and now this. On a lighter note, the opening scene was very funny. A drunk Harry Potter trying to use his Patronus...gods, that was good.

Author's Response: Very good observation. I don't think it's all that cut and dry either. How easy would it be to trust someone you knew to be so closely involved in the horrors as the Death Eaters were? Unlike some fanfic authors, I don't put him in the sidelines in my head or my stories; I put him right there with Malfoy and Avery and Mulciber-- doing AK's and Cruciatus and killing innocent people...

It is like DD said to Harry-- it isn't our talents and skills who make us who we are, but our choices, and I think it says a great deal about Snape that he was involved in something like that and walked away.

I too wish Lupin had been there for Severus. The story would have taken a very different turn, I think. As it is, it has ceased to be a romantic comedy and taken on a much more serious tone.

And as for Harry and his Patronus-- have I mentioned that I REALLY enjoyed writing the drunken kids?

Anrell 2004.11.23 - 07:14PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Anonymous
You sure know how to leave us hanging! The chapters starting with the morning after the fight were very enlightening as to Bill and Charlies personal prejudices toward Severus. Ramus was predictable - Had he changed from his youth at all? Good question from Harry. Bill, Charlie and Ramus somehow see this battle as simply a chance to confirm thier beliefs like blind idealists. Harry and Harmonie were a surprise in their defence of Severus...well done, I really liked it. I was wondering when Lucius was going to make an enterance...the cunnning bastard! I would hope that Severus would see this as life coming full circle again and this time knows better...I think he does. It will be interested to see how this offer of Lucius's plays out and if it will the "saving grace" of the Order and thier loosing battle. Severus was right, it is a loosing battle when all the Order does is work on defense and the opposition is constantly working to cause harm. I just LOVE this story!!!

Author's Response: Very interesting view points from everyone. I'm really enjoying reading all these responses.

Lucius is fantastic isn't he? I love that smooth, patrician evil.

As far as Severus' life coming full circle-- I think he does see it, and I think he knows that there are a lot of choices he can make differently.

If Lucius had come to him before the blow-out with the Order, I think it would have been an easy choice for Severus, but as it is, I'd say he's certainly waffling.

Let's count his options. He could resist the evil this time and return to the Order. He could return to the Death Eaters (who knows how he would be received, if he could prove his loyalty as Lucius said...) and remain loyal to them this time. He could return to the DE circle, attempt to regain Voldie's trust so he could then pass information again as a spy. He could rejoin the DE circle, gain Voldie's trust, return to the Order, gain their trust and serve as a spy for the Death Eaters. He could rejoin both the Order and the DEs and be out for himself and in an excellent position to come down on either side when victory seems clearer and more sure... Am I leaving out any options here? I feel sure I am, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Wonder what he'll do! (rhetorical question, as I know the answer, of course)

Thanks for sticking with me through... what am I up to now? 4 Cliffies in a row?


Floris 2004.11.23 - 04:25PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
Wow! That was awesome. I love how the kids have such a different perspective. Remus has tried very hard to act like Severus's friend but didn't give his friendship unconditionally and his first impressions of Severus seem very hard to overcome. Bill and Charlie just remember a snarky professor with no redeaming qualities. The kids on the other hand have known Snape as a mean professor but have also been aware since they were 11 that Dumbledore trusted him with Harry's safety. That Hagrid trusted him. Because there was reason for them to be suspicious of Severus, they also had the chance to have it pointed out to them that he was trustworthy. In a weird way, they've bonded with him. Here's another thought: Bill, Charlie and Remus are very gung-ho in a "jumping off the cliffs with all the flags flying" kind of way. Has it not occured to them that some people (like people with families) might want to make an informed decision about whether or not to fight? Harry & co are just kids. Do Bill, Charlie and Remus expect them to fight to the death because of principal alone? Off to read the next chappter!

Author's Response: That's a very interesting point you're making. I have to say that the idea crossed my mind, and I think you'll see the theme emerging-- I see this as a war that is fought largely between either those with the most to gain or the least to lose. Aside from Molly and Arthur, no one in the Order appears to be married or to have children... so they can 'afford' to stick with their ideals and principles. It would, I suspect, be much more difficult to involve more 'settled' people in something like this. You've actually hit on something that foreshadows a coming chapter. Good job!


LariLee 2004.11.23 - 01:29PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Signed
Run, Severus, run! Better yet, can we kill Malfoy? I've always wanted to kill him. Evil cliffie... great story! ~Lisa

Author's Response: *cackles evilly*

Kill Malfoy? Gah! I love him! He's such a wonderful character. One of my favorite to write through Severus' eyes. No, honey, I'm not going to kill him ;)

steph 2004.11.23 - 08:07AM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
Hey Razzberry, I have been keeping up with your fic both on fanfic.net and occlumency... I noticed you didn't upload ch 20 Mission Impossible here. Thought you might have overlooked it since the chapter numbers don't allow for prologues and were one number behind. Love the story and can't wait for the updates...THANKS BUNCHIES

Author's Response: hehe. Yeah, I noticed that last night, actually, but decided not to do anything about it. The chapter was pure fluff and absolutely useless in the grand scheme of things (which is odd because I kept trying to leave it out when I was writing it, but I had myself absolutely convinced that the bridge was necessary to the story)

However, no one did the 'huh?' thing and when i reread chapters 19 and 21 without 20, I realized it was actually less swampish without the chapter there.

So I've decided to leave it off. I'll call it a really crappy bonus for my ff.net readers ;) (my Occlumency readers get lemony bonuses)

But yes, you're right. I overlooked it for precisely that reason-- I've been struggling with the chapter numbers all along. Amazing how something as simple as numbered chapters can completely defeat me, isn't it?

Thanks for reading and leaving the review, and I really do appreciate the heads up!


K~Marie 2004.11.22 - 07:50PM 23: Chapter 23: The Truth About Treachery Anonymous
i love this chapter. the harry-defending-snape, of all people, is great. his emotion is so convincing! i wanted to slap bill and charlie. and how can remus be such an ass after chasing snape down and proving he could be a great friend! ARG! update soon pleease!

Author's Response: Remus did put a lot into that friendship, didn't he? And how much did Severus ever give back? A few exchanges when he *wasn't* bitingly rude?

I do think that Remus feels rather betrayed at the moment... After all, he has really put some effort into befriending and trusting Severus (I don't think either would be particularly easy to do) and then Severus implies that this battle that has taken everyone Lupin ever loved is not worth fighting because it can't be won?

I'd be angry too.

Thanks for reading! I should have another update up in a day or so.


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