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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

EllieK 2004.12.04 - 08:11PM 27: Chapter 27: Where His Loyalties Lie Signed
ARGGGGG!!! You are a cruel, brutal woman! Evil! Now that I have that out of my system...great chapter. I was getting worried but I do feel better now. Bang up job explaining about his motivations for joining up with Voldie. ARGGGGG!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon because those two need a very serious session of slap and tickle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: You're the evil one! YOu made me laugh and now I can't breathe :( *gasps*

You know... there was this far side comic once with god at his computer and a button that said 'smite' on it. I feel a bit like that with Severus and Autumn. It's *fun*. Much more fun than actually letting them get together.

Don't worry, though, when they finally succeed, I'll attempt to do a 'bang up' job of that as well ;)


LariLee 2004.12.04 - 05:58PM 27: Chapter 27: Where His Loyalties Lie Signed
Evil, evil woman! But I'm so glad things are semi-normal with them. I do feel sorry for Severus though. What will happen if he's cut loose from both forces? And my imagination is quite up to the challenge of having them shag in Paris, too. Just perhaps, not Paris, TN. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Is there a Paris, TN? I did not know that, though it doesn't surprise me. We'll see about letting them shag in Paris eventually. Though that might have to go with the rest of my deleted scenes. Is that horrible? At some point, I'm going to start posting these 'deleted scenes' and 'first drafts'. I have 30 or so pages of them I think-- things that didn't make it into the story (got cut for space/neatness of plot) but I couldn't bear to throw out.

gaho 2004.12.04 - 05:31AM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Anonymous
Hi, I've been recently discovering fanfiction sites and read your story last night (until 2 am!) and I have to say I felt like I was reading something written by JK Rowling ! EXCELLENT !! Intruiging plot, characters well sought... couldn't "put it down" ! Best fan fiction I've been reading so far together with another one written by ellieK More please !

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

EllieK 2004.12.03 - 10:48PM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Signed
*The initial joy at seeing him had faded somewhat, and now there were questions that needed answers if she was to be comfortable with him again.* This line reminds me of how it feels to try and re-kindle an old flame.

You make the ordinary seem extrodinary, using small, life-like details to paint the scene, drawing the reader in. Faboooo!

Author's Response: Thanks! I do try to work in the details like that as it makes it more real in my mind. And I know that if I were in her shoes, I'd be absolutely terrified of him, yet at the same time, wanting to give him the chance.

Thanks for the review!

Floris 2004.12.03 - 01:52AM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Anonymous
"The part of me that grew up here still whispers at times that I'm a failure because I haven't made a trip down the aisle even once yet." "Even once?" But you're only supposed to do it once. See what they've done to you?:) It's like that scene in "Bridget Jones Diary." Everyone keeps pestering Bridget about when she's going to get married so she inquires, "How many marriages is it that ends in divorce nowadays? One in four?" Apparently it was one in three. But that's the U.K. We're 50% here. To me Autumn became fully fleshed out when she told Sev about changing her name and the whole Tina/tiny thing. That one small thing was very illuminating. I can't picture Severus anywhere in America. Maybe New Orleans (at night) but that's it.

Author's Response: Oh, I have a vivid enough imagination that I can picture Severus pretty much anywhere in the world. Usually scowling and VERY unhappy about being there. ;)

K~Marie 2004.12.02 - 08:41PM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Anonymous
i feel bad for sev. i mean, he already lost aislinn, and he doesn't want to lose autumn...but what choice does he really have in what horrible things come? he obviously has some influence on the things that will happen, but some things are just gonna.....happen. ahh, autumns from tennesse. how boring, i wouldn't want to go home if i had to go back there. hehe. i've never been there, so i wouldn't really know...but from what i've heard, its boring...great chapter. keep updating! :)

Author's Response: lol. I can't say I blame her for not wanting to go home either. Thanks for the review.

Floris 2004.12.02 - 07:28PM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Anonymous
Those are two people who really don't want to discuss what they need to. I loved Autumn's attempts to distract Sev with all of her coffee/can't go home again talk. And Severus pausing to look in muggle shop windows! Speaking of not being able to go home again...I was watching a PBS show called "Our Kind Of People" about class in America. They followed a woman from a small Southern town who went away to college and became a reporter in D.C. When she went home to visit her father, he was completely disinterested in her life- didn't want to know anything about it. She said that once you leave, you're regarded as a traitor who's passed a negative judgement on your hometown.

Author's Response: Very perceptive! It was as much a chapter about avoidance as it was anything.

Regarding going home again after growing up in a southern town... how right you are. Since you saw this on a PBS special, I assume you're not from a small southern town. I am from one, and I 'escaped' (to Dallas, which is just a big southern city as opposed to a small southern town) and circumstances have brought me back to where I grew up. I've been living here again for three years now, and I found that my peer group has disappeared.

What Autumn said about women in these small southern towns tends to be very true-- I was insanely lucky (and it was LUCK, let me assure you) that I ended up going to college and seeing what the world held outside this sheltered place. Most of my peers (and my 'peers' would be women who are about 25 now, and were honors and AP students in high school) have met their aspirations to have husbands and children. Many of my classmates are on their second marriages already, and the part of me that escaped is just horrified that a woman who is my age could have been married for five years, gotten a divorce, met someone else, dated and gotten married again. The part of me that grew up here still whispers at times that I'm a failure because I haven't made a trip down the aisle even once yet.

I originally put Autumn as an American because, as an American I have a hard time with British slang, so it excused her 'slips' into Americanisms if she was from America. But that seems to be coloring her a bit more for me, and she has become more real to me since I gave her that background. I've been struggling to write her since I brought her in, as she seemed such a paper shell of a character, but now that she has a background, she has become more of a person to me.

If I ever get her and Severus past their current round of hurdles, they might make a trip to Tennessee, and he might come to understand how that will never be 'home' again.


LariLee 2004.12.02 - 06:13PM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Signed
As long as you keep updating, I'll be happy. This is one heckuva convoluted, intense, fulfilling, keep-me-questioning plot! I am always amazed at how in-depth you will go to in this. The choosing of the coffee, for example, and Autumn's doubts. And I hope your holidays were happy. ~Lisa

Author's Response: I'm glad you don't find the detail off-putting. I find people (almost all people) intriguing, so my characters tend to be extremely multi-faceted so I can explore different reactions. I spent a lot of time thinking abuot the coffee, actually. More than I should have, really.

Thanks for the review!


anrell 2004.12.02 - 04:47PM 26: Chapter 26: Coffee and Conclusions Anonymous
Oh dear, Poor Autum. Severus (or you rather) has not revieled what his decison with Malfoy was but we all can guess. The problem is we are not quite sure if his decison was made for the Order or for himself. I would think the later but this chaper leaves us clinging to our hopes. I'm sure you will continue to do let us "cling" for as long as possible or give us reason to doubt his motives. I am looking forward to the next installment and where it takes our love birds!

Author's Response: lol. Poor Autumn indeed. I have to say I'm still loving everyone's reactions to the chapters-- about half my ff-net readers are saying 'poor autumn' and the other half 'poor severus'. Yes, I must admit that I'm having a good bit of fun stringing this out, though there is hope. I don't think I can prolong it for more than a few more chapters (of course, it wouldn't be the first time I'd underestimated my own long-windedness).

Thanks for the review and I hope I don't disappoint with the next update!


LariLee 2004.11.27 - 07:40AM 1: Prologue: Renascence Signed
anon wrote: "I have not really cared for either her or willow---never really been able to think of either of them as actual people---more like stock Mary Sue. Sorry, but they seem like such a drag on an otherwise great story." I've got to agree with Elliek. I see no MarySueism here. Autumn, as a Muggle, gives us more insight into the WW as more is explained. I don't see her solving problems, having everyone love her, or being anyone's long-lost anything. Personally, Razzberry is someone who if I met at a party, I'd spend my time picking brains because she's got such an interesting outlook (and I hope you're a "she" or else a very secure male) on the WW world and Snape in particular. In fact, I enjoy the comments nearly as much as her story. ~Lisa

Author's Response: (Yes, I'm a she)

And thank you for the comment, though I am genuinely interested in hearing what it is that my other reviewer thinks is Mary Sue about Autumn. I try very hard to avoid the stereotypes, but sometimes I do need others to point them out to me (particularly in Snape Fiction, since I must admit I haven't read a huge amount of it)

Thanks for the comments about the views on the Wizarding World. As an historian, I pick up a lot of details about culture and the like, and I love to play with such carefully constructed fictional worlds. They're fascinating, and this one has so much depth to it.


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