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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

LariLee 2004.12.11 - 02:29AM 29: Chapter 29: Not the Ideal Way to Spend a Wednesday Morning Signed
What a freaking joke the MoM is. Love the exchange between Remus and Snape and also Snape and Hermione. I'm hoping this is a small step back. Where has Snape been? ~Lisa

Author's Response: Hrm... *adds that to a list of things that needs explaining*

Severus has been at Hogwarts all this time, and he thought he was hiding, though Dumbledore knew he was there, certainly, and I wouldn't discount Minerva for knowing it.

As far as a small step back... back to what, I might ask. Back to him being part of the Order? No.

Author's Response: edit: it might be something of a very small step back towars the Order if nothing else gets in his way, and in a VERY roundabout way.

S K 2004.12.11 - 01:53AM 29: Chapter 29: Not the Ideal Way to Spend a Wednesday Morning Anonymous
I've really enjoyed these past few chapters. So glad that Autumn and Severus are still involved. I can't help hoping that Remus and Severus will also get back on speaking terms. Watching the beginnings of friendship developing between them as been one of the highlights of this story. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you. I really have enjoyed exploring the relationship between Severus and Remus (and you know, every time I type the word relationship with regards to those two, I have this urge to include a disclaimer that that's not a sexual/romantic reference. I'm going to refrain this time...)

Actually, given the turns this story is taking, I can't say that I don't have it in the wrong category. It would fit very well as a Snape/Lupin friendship story, wouldn't it?

K~Marie 2004.12.11 - 01:37AM 29: Chapter 29: Not the Ideal Way to Spend a Wednesday Morning Anonymous
so...what did they do to remus? huh huh huh? i hope snape comes back to the order, eventually. great update, as usual :)

Author's Response: The story is still in queue at Wolfsbane. If you want to know precisely what happened to Lupin, you'll have to read it, either when it gets posted or on ff-net (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2161913/1/)

And the next update will contain the status of Severus and the Order. Promise.

Author's Response: update: Neither Man Nor Beast is posted on Wolfsbane now! http://wolfsbane.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=1164

anrell 2004.12.08 - 07:16PM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Anonymous
Great chapter! I was disappointed that Severus didn't just make the potion for Lupin and leave it but I guess that would be making Severus a bit sentamental or too forgiving Ha Ha! I liked the momentary focus on Lupin but only with how it may later work to develope the story line between Severus and him. This story keeps getting better and better!

Author's Response: This story is moving so far away from the SS/OFC that it isn't even funny. I swear that if there's a fourth installment (and that looks like a good chance at this point actually... my chapter outline says I should be writing about November now, not August...) I think I might post it as a 'friendship' story and let the romance be well-and-truly backburner.

LariLee 2004.12.07 - 09:30PM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Signed
You know I've got to be checking into this! I feel sorry for Remus where imprisonment at the Ministry would be better than than being with a pack of Weasleys. And the political ramifications seem to mimic the Muggle world nearly eerily. ~Lisa

Author's Response: I think Remus' perception was a little skewed. I have to admit that when I wrote that bit about the Weasleys, I was kinda giving him my reaction to being penned in with my entire family for Thanksgiving. If you're used to quiet and peace, suddenly being around a bunch of rowdy people is nervous breakdown fodder.

I don't think he really meant it about the prospect of a holding cell being better than the Weasleys.

Floris 2004.12.07 - 09:15PM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Anonymous
Ministry holding cell? I wouldn't be able to beg to Severus fast enough!

Author's Response: I gave it a lot of thought. I really think Remus would be a bit more defensive about his lycanthropy than other things. In all honesty, I could see him having an easier time begging Severus for a cure for impotence than for the Wolfsbane.

Gina Potter 2004.12.07 - 09:15PM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Anonymous
I'm back! I was a little busy studying to tests. Well, I understand that Snape is upset with the Order, but... get over it! He's acting like a teenager! He should at least talk with Remus... I'm glad you're writing this companion to the story! I love Remus and I'll love to read about this development.

Author's Response: He is acting rather like a teenager, isn't he? That's been an ongoing theme I'm trying to develop-- Severus is very emotionally immature, imo (and that's based on canon evidence, actually. the way he reacts to folks, the grudges, etc...) I'm trying to urge him to grow a bit, but it doesn't happen overnight.

And thanks for the reviews on FF-net for Neither Man Nor Beast!

EllieK 2004.12.07 - 11:15AM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Signed
I feel terrible for Lupin. I can't wait to see how Severus reacts when and if he finds out about the new circumstances surrounding Lupin and his condition. I will no pout if things don't go the way I want them to because the story will be enjoyable either way, but I so want Severus and Remus to make up! Damn men and their stubborn ways! (Even if Severus has every right to be furious with Remus.) Great Chapter! I look forward to reading the companion piece on Wolfsbane!

Author's Response: Having posted the next chapter already, I think I can safely say that there's hope for them. And I'm hoping the companion will be up soon.

anrell 2004.12.06 - 07:10PM 27: Chapter 27: Where His Loyalties Lie Anonymous
What a great chapter! I just love the interuptions! Ha Ha! Great running line. Somehow I don't think we know all of what is going on with Severus.....I read through the conversation twice to be sure I didn't miss some omission Severus was making but unless he is not telling the truth to Autum, he is not a Death Eater again but I am not so sure that doesn't mean that he is using the offer by Lucius for a similar reason. He could go back to the circle under the pretence of being a DE to Voldemort but pretending to side with Lucius, right? Otherwise I don't understand why he is being so obtuse.

Author's Response: I've been bad about answering reviews. *cringes* sorry.

As for what Severus is/has been up to... all will be revealed in good time ;)

And yes, the running joke about their interruptions is fun. More fun that lemons, actually.

Floris 2004.12.05 - 05:43PM 27: Chapter 27: Where His Loyalties Lie Anonymous
Oh man! That was perfect! LOL!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!


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