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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

LariLee 2004.12.22 - 05:29PM 31: Chapter 31: Reason Signed
Why can't Remus see the point? As long as the Order is secret, they'll never grow and cannot fight the Darkness? I understand not publishing membership rolls, but still. Wonderful dialogue and great exchanges between the two men. I wish I had something coherent to say.

Author's Response: I think that Lupin (and all the members of the Order, really) are a bit blinded by their faith in Dumbledore. And that's me talking, from the perspective of a reader. It's a 'secret society' which sounds exceptionally juvenile to me. Of course, this might be because we don't see much about the Order through Harry's eyes, but I get the impression that they're giving the impression of doing something more than actually doing anything. Treading water in a big way, and so busy being a secret that they forget that the wizarding world needs a bit of hope. But, Lupin was part of the original Order, and he's part of the new one, and in my eyes, he doesn't want to be part of something impotent, therefore he firmly believes the Order has great value. ;)

Of course, things can always change...

Thanks for the comments!


EllieK 2004.12.18 - 01:21AM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Well, they are such guys! *rolls eyes at the Slytherin and the Gryffindor* I am very pleased that they were able to begin working on forgiveness because I think they will be needing each other very soon.

Severus made some very good points about Dumbledore and the Order in general. I am of the opinion that Dumbledore is way too trusting and is often blinded by that trust. I love the old codger, but he has made some pretty nasty errors in judgement over the course of the HP books.

Sometimes, the things you least want to hear are the things you need most to hear. Remus is handling it all rather well (or so it seems). I look forward to the RL/SS conversations to come. Keep up the amazing work! ###Liz

Author's Response: lol. Thanks for the review. I tend to agree about Dumbledore being very likable, but also quite fallible and... I'm not sure we know what his motives are.

Regarding Snape and Lupin... yeah. I made an abortive attempt at something a bit more graceful, but they ARE guys and somehow I couldn't see them boo-hooing "I'm so sorry" "No, I'M sorry" in each others' arms.

Thanks for the comments!


greenwood 2004.12.16 - 05:26PM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
This story keeps getting better and better! You just keep the emotion/action/suspense going without so much of a sigh! i thought you did a wonderful job with Severus and Ramus's reconcilation. How poor Ramus appears upon being released from the Minsitry was pretty convincing too. You make a great point about how the Order seems like it is only putting a finger in the dike when it comes to putting a dent in the Death Eaters activity and how everyone knows about the DE's but not about the order. It is not as though the Order has any key memers (other than Albus) in the controlling dynamics of thier world to counter the key members the DE's have. I have often thought that even in the cannon story that the Order can only be a defense but has no offence to make an impact.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments. And I swear that I'm not trying to do cliffhangers, but it has something to do with the posting of one chapter at a time. I do want it to be a 'page turner' (muse-clicker?) so to speak, but I'm not trying to be cruel!

Thanks for the comments!


Floris 2004.12.16 - 03:17PM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
This was a very clever exchange: “So you stop fighting because you can’t win?” Remus asked, returning to that point once more. “Yes,” Severus said finally. “Or more accurately, you stop fighting because you’re not willing to do what is necessary to win.” I take it that Remus means "*one* stops fighting" and Severus means *you* (and Charlie, Bill, etc.) will stop fighting because they're not willing to go more on the offensive.

Author's Response: ...

I'm afraid I didn't think that deeply with the exchange, though I love that you're able to read that much into it ;)


eeyore 2004.12.16 - 10:20AM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Once again, excellent. The dialogue in this chapter is incredible. I'm floored. It's so beautiful, it hurts. Squee!! If anyone should see the futility of sneaking around this situation anymore, it's Severus. Something to live for has changed him. Severus, in his Slytherin ways, may want to preserve his own hide, but his suggestion that they go more public is pure Gryffindor. Is he finally going to get a bit more credit for saving the children? After all, a man that lays down his life- nasty as he may be-deserves kinder ears to his suggestions. And I love your Remus, btw. Whatta guy.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments. I find it interesting that you see Snape turning Gryffindorish with that comment; I had a more political slant in mind. I don't see him as being someone who appreciates effort that doesn't accomplish anything, and the Order is spinning its wheels.

Thanks for the comments about the dialogue. I've always thought dialogue was one of my weak points. It seems when I'm writing it that it's so forced, so it's a major ego-massage to see people complimenting me on it.


Gina Potter 2004.12.15 - 05:56PM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Severus is indeed a Slytherin. When I read his speech I remembered Phineus Nigelus saying that Slytherins, given the choice, would always choose to save their own skin, and Snape is the living proof of that. Don't get me wrong, he may have a point, but I can't understand why someone at his position would choose to wacth innocent people dying and do nothing. Even if the Order doesn't have a chance to fight against Voldemort, they can fight the DE, they can stop a lot of their cruelness. Maybe I'm a bit of a Gryffindor to have these naive feelings...

Author's Response: Yes, I had that scene with Phineus in mind too. However, I think that I agree with him. I could make a hundred analogies, but in essence, that's something I think is lacking in the Order-- they're all in hiding, and they don't do much good in hiding. From the perspective of a reader, I feel like they're treading water until Harry comes of age, but that seems to be the Order's primary purpose-- keeping that Gryffindor mischief-maker alive until... until he is able to face Voldemort and kill him perhaps? But the Order doesn't seem to be doing an awful lot for anyone except the rest of the Order, in my opinion, and I think Snape's tired of it (in this fic at least).

Button 2004.12.15 - 04:12PM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Oh, wow. What a powerful chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you!

LariLee 2004.12.15 - 07:31AM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
What a wonderful, complex chapter, Razzberry. Severus made his point and made it well. Now, hopefully, Remus will listen and learn and take this knowledge back to the Order. It's time to start fighting in earnest or else quit. Wondeful, wonderful chapter. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thanks! That was kind of my own opinion of the Order. Since I've started writing this fic, I've been thinking more about the Order and I realized that they don't DO anything. They're playing at being a secret society. It reminds me of secret clubs in middle school with secret handshakes and making up codes so we could pass notes. *rolls eyes*

Thanks for the comments!


Gina Potter 2004.12.14 - 03:23PM 29: Chapter 29: Not the Ideal Way to Spend a Wednesday Morning Signed
Hi, I read this chapter on fanfiction.net and I just droped to say that it was a wonderful chapter. I'm sure Dumbledore did that on purpose, and set them up. But I was kinda hoping that Severus would offer to make the Wolfsbane after he saw the way Remus was treated. But you're wright he is imature and such a... man!

Author's Response: How did I get so far behind in answering reviews?

Thanks for the comments. Regarding the Wolfsbane... well, I have to say that Snape and Lupin are both being silly about it in my opinion, but I feel no qualms in saying they both get over it (since I have that chapter posted already ;) )

Thanks for the comments!


EllieK 2004.12.11 - 09:03PM 29: Chapter 29: Not the Ideal Way to Spend a Wednesday Morning Signed
Heartbreaking. Poor Lupin! He suffered such great personal humiliation and then to be picked up by Severus, with whom he is currently not in good standing. I must say that Severus did a good job of taking care of his former friend. Snape knows degradation and what it is too be considered a monster. Wow, so many issues, so little time!

Author's Response: I can't believe I missed responding. I'm slipping. So sorry!

I must say that Snape and Lupin amuse me in my head. They come so close to being friends at times in my conceptualization of them, and then at times they're such idiots... and they're such men.

But yes, I feel they have a basic understanding of each other.

Thanks for the review!


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