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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Snape Fan 2005.01.07 - 03:55PM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
Fantastic. I love the way you showed the different sides of Snape here as Head of House. I've long believed that he, probably like every other Head shows another aspect of their character to the students in his House. He does care about his students and will protect them, yet won't tolerate misbehaving, which is what I think other students think. I have a feeling he doles out punishment in private. Wonderful story.

Author's Response: That's pretty much exactly what I was going for. I think there's ample evidence that the Slytherins respect/obey him, and there has to be a reason. I also see him as having much more of a hand in student affairs than McGonagall does.

Thanks for the comments!


greenwood 2005.01.04 - 04:51PM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
Oh this chapter ended all too soon! I thought you did a brilliant job of almost making me believe I was reading a different story. Severus's return to school duties almost washed the previous story away - like he was starting over again in some way. I loved Autumn's visit. It jolted me back to the story. You did such a great job of bringing pieces of the other story into this one without forcing it. The ending left me eager for the next chapter to unfold! Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I honestly considered starting a new story, but I'm kinda title-dry so I chose to just keep going with the same one. There was a definite feel of an ending and a new beginning to it, though.

And... I was going for the impression that Severus is almost a different person at Hogwarts than he is when he's with Autumn. I love the way there's always a feeling of a breath of relief for Harry when he returns to Hogwarts; for Snape I think it's just the opposite right now. He thinks Hogwarts is more restrictive, less magical at the moment than being with Autumn in Muggle London ;)

Thanks for reading and for the comments!

And don't worry, now that the holidays have passed, I should be picking back up to my normal update speed again. (at least for a couple of weeks)


LariLee 2005.01.04 - 02:35PM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
You are a terribly cruel woman. ;-D Excellent speeches to the students. It shows a level of caring that makes Severus a good Head of House (except for the female puberty bit... that shows he is a man). Now, who is the traitor... and what will happen to Amber?

Author's Response: I am a bit cruel, aren't I? But then, eventually they might actually accomplish a few uninterrupted hours and bring the house down around their ears.

HumanTales 2005.01.04 - 10:31AM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
It's rather nice to see Snape performing his Head of House duties, and I agree he's likely to be more "hands-on" than McGonagall in Gryffindor. I loved Autumn coming on to him in his office. Too bad real life had to intervene. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I actually have 500 words of Snape reflecting about the different management styles of the four Heads, but it's in my 'cut scenes' folder. I've reached a point where this story is so long and complicated that I'm REALLY hesitant to introduce too much introspection into an already complex plot, but sometimes I need to write that type of thing out so I can have it for reference.

I see Severus as very controlling, and very goal-oriented, so I have a hard time believing he is as absent as McGonagall has been to the Gryffindors. But, I think it's just his style.

And, something one of my reviewers on ff-net said that really resonated with me (though I hadn't thought about it specifically) is that Snape has never really had a 'life' to interfere with his work/teaching, so he *does* have more time for his duties as a teacher and as Head of Slytherin.

As for Autumn... hehe. That was fun to write. She really is a little vixen, though I don't think she fully realizes how poor taste that was. It's the sort of thing that is great as a fantasy, but really, you don't jeopardize your job for a fling, and you don't ask your lover to either. And I do NOT think Dumbledore would approve if he knew about that little stunt.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Estrilda 2005.01.03 - 11:24AM 32: Chapter 32: And the World Still Turns Signed
So - was Severus the only one who went in the water?

Author's Response: hehe. That's an interesting question actually, and this might sound kinda strange but... I don't know.

I didn't even know that HAPPENED until the scene started coming out, and I left it in because it fit with what I thought of Slytherin. Incidentally, it was more or less inspired by a Texas A&M tradition-- to get their class rings, the 'Aggies' have to drink a pitcher of beer with the ring in the bottom-- in one drink. So anyway, I know where the inspiration came from, and I know that I'd given it some thought in the past and come to the conclusion that I think there is some hazing that goes on. But I never intended to write it, and if I DID write it, it was going to be as a rider to a dinky little one-shot I have posted on ff-net.

So back to who went into the water and who did not... This 'memory' literally came from Severus; I just wrote it. I had very little to do with the actual events. I've reached a point in the story where I do very little creating-- I just record the scenes as they're played out for me, or memories as they're whispered into my ear. So, because this memory came from the depths of Severus' mind, I only saw what he saw and I only knew what he knew, and given that he was kinda busy nearly drowning, he didn't have any idea what the others were doing, and so neither do I.

I suspect that some of the others tried to go into the water, and some of them might have waded in, and perhaps one of them (Evan Rosier, perhaps) might have made an attempt to pull Severus out.

I'm not going to commit to anything regarding this, though, because the scene might pop up again.

I suspect that something had to happen while Severus was unconscious because the tone at the end was decidedly different from the tone in the beginning/middle. But something happened to convince the seventh years that the second years were, indeed, worthy of their pins. When the older students were discussing how good or bad an idea the pool was, I had the impression that they were planning to think of a different task, but they intended the second years to still have to earn the pin and the right to call themselves Slytherin.

So the short answer-- what you read is pretty much everything I know about it. And it might remain an unsolved mystery.


greenwood 2005.01.02 - 01:19AM 32: Chapter 32: And the World Still Turns Signed
The flash back was beautifuly done. Your imagery and the significance of the moment was well dramatized. It will be such fun to see how this new defence of the dark arts teacher fits in to all of this and how Malfoy developes in coming chapters since Severus is now no longer in the loop. Thanks for starting my new year with a new chapter!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for starting my new year with a review! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, and thank you for your comments.

LariLee 2004.12.30 - 04:56PM 32: Chapter 32: And the World Still Turns Signed
First off, wonderful 'payback' about not being prepared. Ah, people love paybacks. Second, the hazing was slightly scary in psychological tones. Without realizing it, they endangered their House-mates for the sake of unity. But abused children often side with their abuser... so I guess it works. Whoever saved Severus (and I'm guessing Lucius) would become his protector... even though he's the one who endangered him to begin with. Now I cannot wait to find out more about the new DADA professor. Though Severus seems to have reverted to his intense dislike of the Trio.

Author's Response: Thank you! I felt a bit of lightheartedness was needed and the payback is hell routine worked nicely.

The hazing... yeah, most of it is scary. But that's one reason it's effective, that sense of 'we've all survived this together'.

As for the DADA teacher... *grins evilly* that's all I'm saying about that.

As for his dislike of the trio... there will be a shift in that dynamic again, of couse. He's back to the teacher role once more. I think Hogwarts is something of a home-court advantage for him.

Thanks for the review!


Snape Fan 2004.12.27 - 12:19PM 31: Chapter 31: Reason Signed
Well! I just read this entire story and I'm surprised. It's excellent! The reason I'm surprised is I'm a HG/SS shipper through and through so I can't help but dislike Autumn! Sorry, but I will always believe Severus and Hermione belong togehter. That being said however, the storyline between Snape and Lupin is fabulous and just keeps me in suspense. I loved the way you handled Severus leaving the Order when his loyalty is called into question and Harry and Hermione actually sticking up for him. I think you showed just who the mature ones were there! I will continue to read this story with enjoyment even if you'll excuse me for skipping any parts with Autumn in it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love to hear that I'm attracting readers who aren't necessarily Snape/OFC fans. And no worries, you're quite allowed to dislike Autumn on principle ;)

As far as Snape/Lupin goes... at the risk of sounding like I'm pimping my own stories (which I am. Shamelessly)... Have you read Bittersweet? It's the first 'real' part of this series, and though it says it's Snape/OFC, it's really more Snape/Lupin friendship than any one thing. Autumn was practically a cameo in it.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a response, regardless!


EllieK 2004.12.24 - 01:08PM 31: Chapter 31: Reason Signed
This is what I have been waiting for! Severus really tried hard to be a good friend, which is something he will need to continue to work on. "Do you want to try sitting again, or have you developed an emotional bond with that wall?"---that was a great line.

Is this too good to be true? Now that Severus is brewing the potion will Remus be better off, or is there a catch to the new werewolf laws. I have a strange feeling about it. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Severus does need to keep working on being a friend, doesn't he? It's a big step for him, though. It was a big step to accept comfort, and a babystep to engage in mutual comfort... but to actually *offer* it took a lot of effort from him. And Iwas quite irritated that Lupin didn't seem interested in recognizing that fact (I did try to convince him, but he's not very cooperative at the moment). I think their roles have just reversed somewhat compared to where they were in Bittersweet. ;)

Will Remus be better off? Well, you'll just have to read and find out, won't you ;)

Though what could possibly not be better about taking the Wolfsbane and therefore not having to be locked in a cell? Or regardless of the cell... the Wolfsbane makes the transformation easier, so it would stand to reason that it will be better, doesn't it?

Thanks for the comments!


greenwood 2004.12.23 - 12:10AM 31: Chapter 31: Reason Signed
I loved this chapter! Severus using the inventory as a forum for Ramus to "just talk" was brilliant and actually a way some parents get kids to talk about difficult things that have happened (not actually taking inventory of course but to give them space to talk whlle getting them to relax while partaking in some mindless activity like pulling weeds or such). You have left us without a clift hanger so I guess this must be it until after Christmas - you wouldn't be so crul to leave us hanging that long (I hope HA HA). Look forward to the next installment.

Author's Response: lol. interesting take on the inventory. I was actually using it the other way around-- Severus didn't think he could just sit and listen to Remus talking about James and Sirius, so he engaged them in a mindless activity so HE (Severus) could pretend to listen withuot actually having to. But same concept, yes.

Must be it till after Christmas? Date on that review is 12/23! I might torture you all for two days without an update (is kidding, btw). Anyway, I finally reached a bit of a stopping point. Thus ends the first part, in a manner of speaking (have I mentioned how far behind in my outline I am? I'm supposed to be writing about November, not the end of August...)

Thanks for the comments!


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