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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Apothecaria 2005.01.25 - 10:53AM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
Amusing chapter. Though my husband's family is British, and most English people know at least a little French, given their proximity to France, and its superior food and weather. Maybe it's different for wizards. I'm glad they finally made it to Paris. Does this mean we're headed for a chapter with a distinct citrus flavour? Oh, and many apologies for being one of those lurkers who enjoyed your story, but didn't review sooner.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. Sometimes reality is damned inconvenient. Hell, I think most Americans who don't live in lead-lined caves would have gone straight for 'parlez-vous français?' with or without a dictionary. But that wouldn't have been much fun. Besides which, I get tired of Snapes who speak every dialect of every language any human ever thought about. I just liked the idea of a catty desk clerk with a couple of obvious tourists. Color me bad ;)

As for what may happen... well. I've had some interesting suggestions... (Hotel fires? Basilisks in the plumbing system? A horrid infestation of bed bugs? Claire is really Voldemort on polyjuice? Peeves stowed away in Severus' luggage? Autumn has a horrible allergic reaction to French Champagne?)

It *is* Friday the 13th after all! Bwahahahaha!

*ducks away from things being thrown at her.*


SPK 2005.01.25 - 02:44AM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
Really enjoyable chapter! I love seeing Severus and Autumn together, and it's nice to know that Remus won't have to go back in that horrible cell, at least for a while. Hopefully never again, but the great thing is, you never really know what's going to happen with these characters. S.K.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the break in the clouds so to speak. I'm rather glad to have gotten past that big angst storm myself. I love to write the emotional turmoil, but it does bog one down after a bit.

Thanks for the comments!


Snape Fan 2005.01.24 - 05:47PM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
Ok, you know I'm sticking with this story in spite of the fact that it has the wrong coupling ;) and I'll admit I did read the entire chapter even though there was no Hermione/Snape. It's wonderful and you write a lovely Severus - a side few, if any, probably will ever see. I love your writing! Ces

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad I've coaxed you into rising above your aversion to anyone but Hermione ;)

I did actually think of you as I was posting, wondering what you were going to find to read in this chapter, seeing as it was ALL Snape and Autumn (as are the next couple, I fear)

Thanks for your comments!


LariLee 2005.01.24 - 03:56PM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
Here I thought I was the only one who got ill from formaldehyde. I'm glad they are actually getting away for a time and hopefully nothing will hamper their encounter. ;-D I doubt it, but I can hope!

Author's Response: They're not off to a very good start, are they? We'll just have to see ;)

Thanks for the comments!


Floris 2005.01.23 - 05:11PM 34: Chapter 34: A Phoenix Quill Signed
Autumn did a great job with getting Remus to process his thoughts. And the scene in the common room was chilling. The fact that it happened was bad enough but to make 12 year olds watch? And how horrible that those kids now know that if they get tied up, molested and have their lives threatened their head of house will not untie them, lead them out and promise they'll never have to go back there. There's plenty more Draco & co. could do to Julia without Severus (or Amber) ever finding out about it. Since the entire house served detention I guess no one (besides Amber) ever talked. No surprise there.

Author's Response: I think that in my mind, a couple of people talked, but none would admit to it. I definitely think Amber came and told him everything that happened, but served the detention anyway, because who would want to be the one that ratted out Draco and the others?

And, I don't think Severus realizes how bad the situation was. He was horrified, certainly, but I think it takes a woman (or someone with a daughter perhaps) to truly understand that kind of threat. And, I think part of him didn't know what to do, regardless. He might have been able to pull Julia out-- and to be honest, I didn't think of that... I sat here thinking, 'okay, what can he possibly do here' and I was at a bit of a loss myself. I do think there would be a conversation with Dumbledore, but... really. Low estimate would be 70-ish Slytherin students. High estimate would be 250 (JKR has said there are about 1000 students at Hogwarts). Any teacher's authority is based on his or her ability to hold a bluff over the students that he or she is in control, because the minute the students realize that they outnumber you 20 (or 70 or 250) to one, you're at their mercy.

It's an interesting question, though, that you've brought up. All I can say is... watch this space ;)


greenwood 2005.01.23 - 02:05AM 34: Chapter 34: A Phoenix Quill Signed
I am so glad you are back. The little scene in the common room was very stomach churning to say the least. It would appear that Draco is going to be JUST like his father. It was almost as if he were a deatheater already! UGH!

Author's Response: It is frightening, isn't it? But, what do you really expect from a child who grows up in that sort of atmosphere? THanks for the comments!


LariLee 2005.01.22 - 08:30PM 34: Chapter 34: A Phoenix Quill Signed
Oh, God, Jen, where to start? The Proclamation nailed to the door of the Leaky Cauldron was bloody brilliant! Dare I assume Autumn and Remus had anything to do with it? And thank God Remus is realizing Severus is right! But the Grangers attack was so clearly a surprise and it seems as if Severus might be reconsidering the fight. And the Slytherins in general... oh man. I am really blown away by this. I'd gush more, but I need to know if your muse wants anything I can send parcel post?

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, I'd say that it's a safe assumption that Autumn and Remus might have had something to do with it, but shhh! Don't tell Severus!

I think this was the first time he's realized what it means to not be part of Dumbledore's inner circle, and it upset him quite a lot, really.

As for my muse, she's nice and chatty, so just hope I can keep up with her!


bookworm848 2005.01.19 - 01:58AM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
mas? Por favor?

Author's Response: of course! I took a hiatus from this one to write 'Mistakes Men Make' on Ashwinder, but MMM is getting close to winding down and I'll be back to this one again. Maybe as soon as this weekend ;)


bookworm848 2005.01.18 - 02:14PM 2: Chapter 1: A Prison of His Own Making Signed
I looked up the poem that you reccomend "Renascence." It's beautiful, thank you for calling it to my attention.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's one of my favorites. "The world stands out on either side no wider than the heart is wide; above the world is stretched the sky no higher than the soul is high" is one of my favorite lines from it. I always thought it was such an inspirational poem. I'm so glad you looked it up and enjoyed it!


Floris 2005.01.08 - 02:21PM 33: Chapter 33: The More Things Change Signed
I also like the trasition to life at school. But poor Sev! His entire body must be turning blue. I'm surprised at Autumn. At first her little stunt was hilarious but on second thought what she did was a bad idea. She was assuming that Severus got off on the idea of making it with a student and on the first day of school of all days? When the students aren't even settled and who knows what problems might arise? I remember once reading an explanation for why housewives are always wanting to "go away somewhere" with their husbands. It's because their house is where they work and with all the distractions of a 24/7 work place, the place they feel most amourous is anywhere but home. Just like most men wouldn't appreciate it if their wives showed up unnanounced at their office, closed the door and expected them to thrown down on the desk seconds later. After this chapter and Autumn's making Severus stop in the middle of sex at Grimauld Place I've really got to wonder how much she understands men.

Author's Response: A couple of people (not sure exactly how many) have commented about this, and that is pretty much what I was going for. It was partially a commentary on my part because I find the Snape-gets-it-on-in-detention-with-the-students routine laughable at best and sickening at worst (no offense meant to anyone who writes it or enjoys it, it's just not my thing) so I was being a little catty with this.

But at the same time, there is definitely something there about how well she does/does not know him. In reality, the two barely know each other at all. They've had nothing but a string of interruptions and dead ends. Considering how long I've been working on this 'SS/OFC romance' they're not accomplishing much, are they?

Ah well. Seasons change, and perhaps their luck will change with it. *hint hint*

Thanks for the comments!

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