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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

NightfallS 2005.03.02 - 03:50AM 31: Chapter 31: Reason Signed
“I wish you’d reconsider. You belong with us.” What a crock. That wasn't what they were all saying at that meeting and afterwards. The dear Order was very vocally of the opinion that Severus was not only useless but still a Death Eater. Remus finally apologized only to immediately asked if Severus had rejoined the Death Eaters.

Author's Response: Again, a very astute observation. Severus knew that he was not trusted as implicitly within the Order as the other members are, and it was certainly a blow. More so from Remus because of their friendship. This is another ongoing theme, beginning with the end of Bittersweet and carrying over-- how Severus remains constantly under suspicion within the Order.

So, yes. It is certainly doubtful that Severus 'belongs with' the Order. Really, Severus doesn't belong anywhere, and that's a lonely place to be.

NightfallS 2005.03.02 - 03:24AM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Actually, I don't think Remus was a good friend, and he never showed the slightest sign of an apology, and he only came to see Severus in order to get Wolfsbane. Another user. I failed to comprehend why Severus should have had to make all the attempts. Or why he'd want to. Severus' thoughts in earlier chapters that Remus had shown the value of his so-called friendship were spot on.

Author's Response: Very good observation regarding Remus and the lack of apology. I don't think many of my reviewers picked that out.

The story of Severus and Remus' friendship has been one of the major story arcs so far in this and the preceding fic (which I see you've found as well, so I won't pimp it ;))

Up to the point where Severus left the Order, we see that Remus really is the 'true' friend-- he's the one putting forth most of the effort and making most of the concessions, being understanding and tolerant. He was also the one to bail on Severus.

To some extent, this is a comment on Remus' character as well. In canon, it intrigues me that Sirius thought Remus was the one who was betraying the Order, and I had the distinct impression of a lack of trust between Sirius and Remus in the shrieking shack scene. I also picked up that at the end of PoA, Remus leaves Hogwarts voluntarily, and really sort of sneaks out quietly. I just get the impression that he tends to run away instead of facing what is difficult.

So, to make a long response substantially shorter, I agree with you. In this chapter, Remus is not the wonderful friend. Snape is, forgiving someone who had hurt him deeply despite the fact that said person really hasn't done anything to deserve it.

I'm glad you brought that up, actually, because I really wasn't sure anyone had picked up on the extent to which Remus is being a real shithead here and Severus is the one putting aside differences and making overtures. It's part of an ongoing theme of emotional growth I've been working on with him.

Thanks for the comments!


greenwood 2005.02.11 - 04:20PM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
Finally! At long last Severus and Autum have time alone....It will be interesting to see if you make them "pay" for this romance later! You did a beautiful job with the love scene in this chapter. One can tell that Severus is falling in love with Autum. It is so good to see an update! Thank you!

Author's Response: pay? How would I make them pay? *hides the chapter she's working on*

Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed, and I'm glad you're enjoying Severus falling in love ;)


eeyore 2005.02.11 - 12:00AM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
I've been reading this story since THE beginning. It's got to be one of the most involved, and fun, scary, sexy, smart, etc. etc. fanfics ever done! And I'm so glad it's all about Severus. I enjoy every update, and I especially enjoy the way you interpret Severus relating with the rest of the world, magical and muggle. Thanks for the Cappy/knees reference..it made me smile. Esp. since it seems the good professor and I share the same birthday. Ain't I cool? Bwahahaaaaaaa! Keeps it up, Razz, I needs more!

Author's Response: Thanks for catching the Cappy/knees reference! I love it when people get that kind of thing. Great job on sharing a b-day with him! I really need to go back and edit Still Waters where I got his b-day wrong, but that's for later.

And thank you for the review. It made my day, really. I've kind of turned over a new leaf with regards to my attitude towards Snape fic. I've been going through this stage of being horribly dissatisfied with how "OOC" I've made Snape, but the last couple of days, I've gotten two reviews now that make me say 'you know what, f*** it! People like the way I'm writing him!' You're one of those reviews ;)

Thanks for letting me know you've been reading and enjoying.


Snape Fan 2005.02.10 - 03:22PM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
I'll admit this was a hard chapter for me to get through the entire way as I feel Severus only belongs with Hermione. But as usual, your writing is wonderful! Ces

Author's Response: I really do wonder if you'll read when I post these chapters that are so very Autumn centric. Thanks for your comments, though. I'll have to see if I can't make you change your mind about Hermione being the *only* one for Snape ;)


Apothecaria 2005.02.10 - 09:55AM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
So there was no basilisk in the plumbing after all. You're such a tease :) Nicely done, like the details of all her personal items, and the contrast with his relatively spartan luggage. And his awkwardness the next morning rings true considering how he's never made social skills a priority.

Author's Response: Thank you! I rather enjoyed writing the morning after-- it always seems a little harder to face someone in the daylight than it does in candlelight.

And I had fun with their luggage ;) I'm really attempting to spend some more time developing her, it's just that it requires me to step away from him, and I really write almost a Snape centric story when he's involved. So it's details like that that I hope help round out her character a bit.


SPK 2005.02.10 - 03:34AM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
A really enjoyable chapter! It's nice seeing Autumn and Severus having fun. I especially liked the morning scene. S. K.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)


LariLee 2005.02.09 - 11:02AM 36: Chapter 36: Finally Signed
Finally! And you didn't disappoint! A totally wonderful, hot chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd respond further, but it's a moot point after the conversation we've been having on LJ ;)


aramintasnape 2005.01.26 - 11:40AM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
This is even more amusing now I've read the 'complete' chapter! Poor Autumn! Now I'll have to go back and read from chapter one as I'm rather intrigued to find out more about these two. And thank you for the credit *blushes*. My husband is not at all interested in Snape fanfic but I'll show him he's now got a mention on Occlumency, lol! BTW, lucky Autumn being taken to the opera and dinner in Paris! And by Snape! I'd take her place any time!

Author's Response: How did I get so far behind on my reviews *again*? Thanks for commenting. I'm thrilled you're reading and enjoying ;)

Regarding Autumn and Paris: I know. Lucky bitch! ;)


greenwood 2005.01.26 - 10:38AM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
Great Chapter! I have been doing the "self study" course in French and I could follow some of it (I was proud of my self...but then again that was written not spoken and that is a big difference). You have left us with huge possibilities in the up coming chapters! I am looking forward to them!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying!


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