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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

greenwood 2005.05.05 - 04:20PM 43: Chapter 43: Good Intentions Signed
Wow what a great chapter! We see so much of Severus and his true feelings. Draco and Pansy sure have taken the Slytheryn initiation way overboard (or are they mixing something more into the mix...hummm) The hex was far to much. We can see the two of them becoming quite the evil pair. Hope to see another chapter soooooon(er)!

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate your continuing to bear with me in this story.

Floris 2005.04.20 - 04:11PM 42: Chapter 42: The Price of War Signed
Poor kid:( That Phyllis Pennyman does raise an eyebrow... And yeah, it was me that wondered at Autumn's allowing her and Severus to be interrupted right in the middle of sex. I enjoyed the "Go Away!":) I wonder what changed for her...

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments and bad Jen for not responding in a more timely manner

Apothecaria 2005.04.19 - 06:02PM 41: Chapter 41: Cure for the Common Cold Signed
*cough*cough*cough* How soon can you send him over??

Author's Response: lol. As soon as he's finished with the others in line ;) Take a number and wait your turn.

greenwood 2005.04.19 - 04:02PM 42: Chapter 42: The Price of War Signed
Good chapter...that ending must have hurt Severus. No longer able to provide the information that could have stopped such a tragety must make him powerless (ironic to be sure!) hummm...this pennyman woman, who is she anyway....could she be a spy.....will she try to off Severus at some point after making her move to suduce him? Gives on pause to consider...

Author's Response: What do you mean, who is Pennyman? *shifty eyes*

No one's said anything about her being more than she appears... have they? ;)

You're the first to ask that ;)

Pigwidgeon 2005.04.19 - 02:19PM 42: Chapter 42: The Price of War Signed
Ouch! Even the innocents are affected, how true! And how do you spot the enemy? Well done, if sad!

Author's Response: *meep*

You're reading this! *has a fangurl moment* It's amazing what a review from a writer you truly respect can do to lift the ego!

Thank you!

Floris 2005.04.06 - 09:12PM 41: Chapter 41: Cure for the Common Cold Signed
" "GO AWAY!" Autumn and Severus shouted in unison ..." Awesome:)

Author's Response: Were you the one who mentioned that before? One of my reviewers did, and as soon as I read the review, I knew it was going to make it into the story somewhere ;)


eeyore 2005.04.06 - 09:03PM 41: Chapter 41: Cure for the Common Cold Signed
Oh, yeah! Hot!Viral!Lube!Sex... loving the continuing saga. I've long since thought of anything new or constructive to say, but I try and review at least every two or three chapters. I'm eager to find out how all of this will play out, assuming that you will take the story at least to the fall/victory of voldemort. read ya soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know you're still around ;)

I'm so glad you're enjoying. As for how far I take it... we'll see. This particular segment will probably end before the fall of Voldemort, but that isn't to say I won't write another. Depends largely on timing, I think.


greenwood 2005.04.06 - 07:57PM 41: Chapter 41: Cure for the Common Cold Signed
Hot to say the least! I wonder if Severus will get her cold now and be the biggest baby on the planet!

Author's Response: Oh, it was tempting. Really it was!

Apothecaria 2005.04.04 - 03:32PM 40: Chapter 40: Restoration of Stability Signed
Seems like he's come full-circle: back in the Order, and now he's reaching out to Lupin instead of the other way around. And Snape and Autumn are both pointlessly stubborn. I don't suppose you could e-mail me the recipe for that potion?? Sounds way better than echinacea and zinc lozenges.

Author's Response: Snape, Autumn, stubborn. Keep your mind wrapped around those buzzwords ;)

As for the potion, it depends. Can you get your hands on Death Caps? What about Puffskein dung?

greenwood 2005.04.03 - 11:54PM 40: Chapter 40: Restoration of Stability Signed
What a great human interest piece. Severus is more sensitive that ever in this one (male mindedness but making a great deal of headway if you know what Imean!). I really liked his interaction with Ramus and how such a inocent interplay of being needed was a great gift for Severus to give him. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you picked up on that.

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