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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

greenwood 2005.06.07 - 11:14AM 46: Chapter 46: Dinner Signed
Long time coming but great chapter. What's with Molly anyway? She must feel threatened in the kitchen - that Autumn's cooking would be enjoyed more than hers. Autumn is younger, a muggle, and a good cook. Molly is used to being the Queen of the house and I guess Autumn is not allowed to shine in that area at all. Poor Autumn! What a deaster. Nice ending..keeping us on a bit of the edge.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.

Apothecaria 2005.05.18 - 08:03PM 45: Chapter 45: On Top of the World Signed
Nice backstory! Somehow, you made getting married to the small-town boy sound like hell. Then she comes back to 12 GP, and in comparison to where she came from, it sounds like her real home

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed, though if I made it sound like hell, I'm afraid I went overboard a little. Thanks for your comments!


greenwood 2005.05.17 - 06:01PM 45: Chapter 45: On Top of the World Signed
Very nicely done. Somehow this feels too good to be true for Severus....mmmm....

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments. As for too good to be true, well... Isn't anthing that's good too good to be true for him? ;)


SPK 2005.05.17 - 04:20PM 45: Chapter 45: On Top of the World Signed
These friendship/romance/day-in-the-life kind of chapters are so nice to read. The last part especially was very warm with a realistic family-type atmosphere that's nice to see Severus in. Looking forward to more! S. K.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.


Kedd 2005.05.17 - 01:25PM 45: Chapter 45: On Top of the World Signed
Awwww.... that was (and here comes that dreadful word) cute. I'm really enjoying the interactions between Severus and Autumn. And Minerva's reaction to the birthday present a few chapters back was so perfect. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to see how Snape resolves the initiation thing. It would have been interesting to see how he dealt with grocery shopping though! Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Cute. Yikes. *hauls story back to angstland* Can't have too much cute in it, can we? ;)

Seriously, I think Severus deserves some tender moments, given what all else is going on for him right now. I'm glad you're still with me!


blah_blah_blah 2005.05.10 - 10:45PM 44: Chapter 44: Or Die Trying Signed
I loved the grocery list seceen. I kept smiling because I have been on both sides of the list!

Although, this seemed to be the only thing that happened this chapter. One big complicated grocery list. And Severus kissed Molly.

Did Severus really kiss Molly? I went back and read that part 3 or 4 times. Severus kissed Molly. I can't believe it. I suppose she couldn't either.

But why did he do it? I guess you were trying to show us how happy and carefree he is feeling?

So, is he going to screw up the shopping list?

Now, how about some Neither Man Nor Beast action?!

Author's Response: I'm working on it!!

greenwood 2005.05.10 - 05:12PM 44: Chapter 44: Or Die Trying Signed
STOP IT! Your making me hungry!! Gads, does that list really make something? It should! If so, I want the recipe! Back to the story - A very human moment between the two of them once again bringing out the caring side of Severus and how capable of love he really is. With that said,however, I am sort of wondering where this is all going. I love the slow build up of thier relationship but I think you could be moving a bit slow (not with the romance - that's great - but the story plot)...sorry...just my opinion and please don't take it too personal. I really like the story and it had a wonderful start wtih a mixture of action and the beginning of what seems to be a love life for dear Severus. It just seems that the plot is slowing down a bit thats all. Still a "10"

Author's Response: You miss the plot, hrm? I'll do something about that then. It's odd-- this story is so fully developed in my mind that I can't possibly tell every word of it or it would never end. So I waffle between various snippets of it. I have been letting the action plot take a back seat for a few chapters, just because I wanted to develop that relationship some more, but I can definitely reintroduce the plot. There's quite a lot that's been going on in the background, and even though I have it plotted out in detail so I know what's happening, I haven't been making it the focus of the story. I'll do that. ;)

As for the ingredients, it makes two dishes-- ratatoille (I think I misspelled that) is the first one, with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and eggplant and some other stuff. The greens are a salad. But yes, on recipe.com you can find the recipe for ratatoille.

Look for more plot within a couple of chapters!


Floris 2005.05.10 - 03:25AM 44: Chapter 44: Or Die Trying Signed
I wish Severus the best of luck with that:) I still don't understand Autumn though. Even if I particularly liked to cook (which I don't) if I hadn't seen my man for a while, I wouldn't want to spend the time we do have in a house full of other people. She sees them all the time.

Author's Response: My best explanation is that it's her basic personality. She'd rather stay in than go out. The next chapter or two will have some more focus on Autumn because I think it's about time I let my readers get to know her. Essentially, though, she's just a homebody. She'd rather be there by herself with Severus, but she'd rather be with him in a more intimate setting than with him in a restaurant or whatnot.

Apothecaria 2005.05.09 - 06:55PM 42: Chapter 42: The Price of War Signed
I enjoyed your discussion of power versus ambition. You could see Order meetings digressing into these sorts of conversations. This chapter seems to be marking Severus' transition from despised git to a more accepted Order member (except maybe to Bill).

Author's Response: I could see Order meetings digressing like that. Particularly if they'd been rehashing the same thing for several hours. Thanks for your comments!


Floris 2005.05.06 - 03:13AM 43: Chapter 43: Good Intentions Signed
It'll be interesting to see what Severus does to get back in control of his house. *If* he does...

Author's Response: If, hrm? Then you have reason to doubt? *chalks one up to herself*

Thanks for your comments!


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