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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Floris 2005.06.14 - 07:43PM 48: Chapter 48: The Storm Breaks Signed
"The students are all in their common rooms," Minerva snapped. "And it isn't as though they're here alone." That's right, don't listen to the Slytherin:)

Author's Response: Why should anyone start now?


HumanTales 2005.06.14 - 10:20AM 48: Chapter 48: The Storm Breaks Signed
Ice-punch potion? Why do I get the feeling that Severus was a little distracted when he made that up? It's nice to see what's going on with the students at Hogwarts as well as the adults in the Order. Of course, now I have to wait with baited breath for the next chapter to see if everyone makes it through all right.

Author's Response: Eh, you can blame me for the ice-punch. I know what it is, though ;) Actually, when I was in high school, I had a teacher who did that to us-- sent us on a wild goose chase for 'marble cake federalism'. What we really needed to do was think about what we knew about 'picket fence federalism' and 'layer cake federalism' and apply the same model to 'marble cake' and we would have gotten it. Of course, I didn't figure that out until I had graduated college and was driving to the grocery store one day and BOOM! It just hit me very suddenly. Snape reminds me a great deal of that teacher.

Thanks for your comments!


Ali1124 2005.06.14 - 09:12AM 48: Chapter 48: The Storm Breaks Signed

Author's Response: Thank you!

dulcamar 2005.06.13 - 09:35PM 48: Chapter 48: The Storm Breaks Signed
I'm hooked. I can't get enough of this story. The cliffhangers are evil, but I love them anyway.

Author's Response: Well, you know, chapters have to end somewhere, and I do want to make sure people come back to read the next part ;)


greenwood 2005.06.13 - 06:20PM 48: Chapter 48: The Storm Breaks Signed
Oh Gooddie some action at last! Great chapter with two uncertain events hanging in the air! Good job. Albus must have been very sure of his wards and protections to have taken Severus and Minarva along with him. I would have thought he would have left one of them behind....That's okay however since it makes possible the chance for Harry to do something or get in very big trouble from which Severus will, undoubtly, have to save him from Ha Ha!! Or maybe they end up in the same cell at Death Eater camp together...I can't wait to see where you put everyone!

Author's Response: Thank you! I do think that Dumbledore considered the castle very safe, and he did leave Hagrid there, of course, as well as the other teachers. Aside from which, I feel that the wards were very secure. He had reason for his confidence.


Floris 2005.06.09 - 06:16PM 47: Chapter 47: The Cost of Saving the World Signed
Chapters like this make me wonder how long Severus and Autumn have got. He's really put it all out there for her and she's just not into it. He definately needs her way more than she needs him. For the seven years of my marriage (and I'm only just about to have my first child) I've never worked but have never thought of it as my husband "supporting" me. Rather I always felt that we were a family unit (even if it was just the two of us) and we both support it and eachother in a variety of equally important ways.

Author's Response: I really enjoy seeing the different perspectives. I suppose that in this regard, I gave Autumn my own attitude-- I would have a very difficult time not working if I were married; I think I would feel an inequity, whether it was intentional or not. I see her as being very independent, and given that she's 34 and has never been married and has been away from home since she was 18, there's good reason for that independence in my mind. I've had this conversation with one of my coworkers, actually-- she married young, then her husband went off to war (Vietnam) and was gone more than he was there for five years. She said it was very difficult to give up her independence when he came back, even though she loved him dearly (and still does). That's always one of my concerns-- I'll probably have a difficult time learning to share my home and space and time if I ever fall in love. My own relationships have always crashed when I felt my independence threatened-- I either cut it off abruptly or knee-jerk and give him a reason to cut it off, but ultimately, I can't see myself not working. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

/ramble and tmi

Thanks for your comments! I always enjoy seeing people point out a side to a situation that I didn't intend, but that gives it more depth.


greenwood 2005.06.09 - 04:51PM 47: Chapter 47: The Cost of Saving the World Signed
Oh boy! Severus is becoming wickedly good at romance! Ha now we all have to wait to learn her decision....not fair! Ha!

Author's Response: lol. And you have to use your imagination ;) I find that I have to be in a particular mood to write lemon scenes, and by and large I'm more interested in plot than porn, so the sex happens behind firmly closed doors (or disillusionment charms, as the case may be) more often than not.

Thanks for your comments!


Ali1124 2005.06.09 - 10:54AM 47: Chapter 47: The Cost of Saving the World Signed

Author's Response: Update is in queue! I hope you managed to hold on ;)


Apothecaria 2005.06.08 - 07:48PM 46: Chapter 46: Dinner Signed
It's kind of odd that Molly would be such a bitch, though I could see how she might be threatened by somebody who can rival her domestic goddess status. A duel between her and Snape would have been a quirky turn of events.

Author's Response: That would have been quirky. I wonder who would have won? I might have to do a fluffy one-shot. Someday. ;)

Thanks for your comments!


Floris 2005.06.07 - 11:34PM 46: Chapter 46: Dinner Signed
Oh poor Autumn! That was horrible. "Lupin shook his head. "It's an ongoing thing," he said vaguely. "And it's complicated. But it's never been this bad before…" Interesting... I thought Dumbledore's "I'm proud of you" was so patronizing." He didn't seem to take Sev or his feelings on the matter seriously.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments! I'm glad to know that you're still intrigued.

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