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Reviews for The Joys of Herbology

Mallorn 2006.08.22 - 03:49PM 19: Epilogue Anonymous
Very enjoyable - but I had hoped Mariah would have stayed friends with Severus, for his sake. It'll be interesting to see what happens in part 2.

vampyre_faerie 2005.12.13 - 07:43PM 1: Prologue Anonymous
This story was amazing, and it's so refreshing to read a story where the OC is not a Mary Sue. I noticed this story was completed a long time ago and it makes me doubtful that you're going to write a sequal - but if you do, I would be ecstatic :)

Jonquillejaune 2005.01.18 - 11:02AM 19: Epilogue Signed
Pleaaaaaaassssssse write the sequel. I loved this story, and it simply can't end with Severus not the winner

EllieK 2004.10.05 - 08:18PM 1: Prologue Signed
I read this story on Shags Litera. I loved it! I am dying for the sequel!

Jessica 2004.08.04 - 12:15PM 1: Prologue Anonymous
This is a really excellent story. Please be sure to finish the sequel as soon as possible!!!

Mer 2004.07.13 - 07:01PM 19: Epilogue Anonymous
I've just sat down and read the story in one go...it was very enjoyable! So sad that things fell out the way they did between Mariah and Severus, but I find the plot you composed to be such a believable version of the boy's youth...not overblown with hopeless, passionate romance that ends in absolute, overdramatic torment, but simple, unexpected care and trust that follows in the pains we all experienced as youth. Also, your characterization of the Marauders was so refreshingly true to canon. Great work, and I'd love to see more from you!

Jennifer Wheatley 2003.12.18 - 11:26PM 1: Prologue Anonymous
I found that this story got more and more engrosssing with each chapter. I felt mysef truly empathising with Severus as he was prtrayed and I wanted nothing more than to give the poor dear boy a hug. A plausible and convincing theory for why Severus turned to Volemort and further reason why Snape so detests Black is also represented in this work And finally, it was very refreshing to read a fic with Severus Snape that carried a certain amount of innocence. I found the writing style was a bit choppy, especially in beginning, (Which is why I only rated this story an eight) but with each chapter the wording and sentence structure got stonger, and there were numuerous scenes of great eloquence and beauty.

Daya 2003.11.26 - 08:05AM 1: Prologue Signed
Just read this, and found it a very touching story. I like your portrayal of teenaged Sev, he isn't just a greasy teenager as he can so often come across in these fics, he is a human with ambitions, hopes, desires, and feelings. As for your original character Mariah, I found myself liking her more and more as the story went on, especially after standing up to Sirius. Am looking forward to seeing more (plus big *mwah* for mentioning West Country - live on the Devon/Cornwall border) Daya

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