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Reviews for Potions Master Once More

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.08 - 10:50AM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
I just had to read your story once more. I love it! Your last paragraph 'I stand and fasten my cloak over my robes ...' I've printed it and hung it up besides my desk at work. (I hope you don't mind.) It always makes me smirk when I myself have some dunderheads to teach.

testingt 2008.05.15 - 03:03AM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
"I have some dunderheads to teach." Aww, Snape's getting sentimental.

morgaine_dulac 2008.03.09 - 05:46PM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
Naw, that was just cute. You know, I always wondered why Snape wanted the DADA job. He seems so... for the lack of a better word... fond of his potions. He wouldn't really want to give them up, would he? Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review; I'm glad you liked this story. =) It's one of my older efforts, but it's also one of the stories I'm most proud of.

Overhill 2008.01.24 - 01:21AM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
Ah, if only! In an AU, I could see this happening. He knows every little thing that could go wrong, he knows how students try to get past him in that class, and the room is set up exactly how he wants it, and he knows where every single phial is and how many cinnamon sticks are in the cupboard. He has a personal collection that any wizard would wish for, and that is worth a fortune. He can look forward to a pension, whereas the DADA position is a one-year one-shot job. Of course he'll stay in the dungeon!

Author's Response: Sorry it took me so long to respond; this thing's been up for so long that I didn't expect to get any more reviews for it. Anyway, I always expected this to move into the territory of AU once the series was finished, but I thought that if he couldn't have a happy ending in canon, I could at least try to give him a satisfactory one in this story. Thanks for your review. =)

Potioncat 2006.07.20 - 10:31PM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
I really enjoyed this. I didn't realize how old it was until I looked at reviews. It didn't hit me as out of canon---I was waiting to see "who" the Headmaster was!--until the very end. Snape's monologue is very good. I think teaching at Hogwarts just might be what he'd like to do---if he were ever given a choice.

Author's Response: Thanks. Even when I wrote this two years ago I was afraid it would be (or become) too far from the canon to be believable, particularly since I suspected that Dumbledore would die before the series ended. Keeping that in mind, I tried to avoid any direct references to him, though I think I goofed at least once. Furthermore, I wasn't sure what Snape would end up doing during the course of the war itself; I've always suspected that he wasn't really on one side or the other, just looking to see which one would hold the advantage for him personally. (He is/was, after all, the head of Slytherin.) That said, though, if he does turn out to be good (or at least willing to help the Order for the sake of his own survival) I could still see him wanting to teach Potions at Hogwarts when everything's done.

Fallen Angel 2004.11.26 - 02:14PM 1: Potions Master Once More Anonymous
That was really well written. I hope that in the last book, if he survives he will turn down an offer of the DADA post. His potions post is part of his character, really, and I would hate for him to leave it.

Author's Response: You obviously aren't the only one. Somehow, his current post does seem to suit him better. =)

EllieK 2004.11.03 - 01:32AM 1: Potions Master Once More Signed
Well written. It makes me happy knowing that the Potions Master has peace of mind after so many years of risking his life.

Author's Response: Thank you. I too thought he deserved some peace. And thanks for the review--a lovely birthday present, even if I didn't see it until the 19th. =)

Vocalion 2004.10.31 - 08:19PM 1: Potions Master Once More Anonymous
I really like this. Snape's dialogue is so IC. The mirror, Lockhart; the final realization that he is important and doing what he was meant to do. Very convincing and well done!

Author's Response: Thanks. It's what I could see happening if he survives the last conflict with Voldemort. =)

LariLee 2004.09.20 - 06:25PM 1: Potions Master Once More Anonymous
Oooh... I like this! ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thanks. =)

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