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Reviews for Still Waters Run Deep

bdancer 2009.01.25 - 06:49PM 13: Chapter 13-- The effects of wine Signed
Wow,... after reading your response about "being concerned about bogging the story down".....I must reassure you that by no means did you interrupt the story flow. Your love making scene was magnificent. I could see and hear and feel and taste your words. There are persons out there making a fine livings teaching men how to make love like this. Laura Corn is one that comes to mind... Foreplay techniques that are designed to increase your partners pleasure by delayed gratification so amazing you may own absolute power of domination through extreme tenderness. Especially if it is unexpected. Perfect for the dualities of Severus's character. Hmmm......I think...... My husband enjoys reading aloud erudite political articals and discussing their ramifacations to the world with me when we are out dining. Frankly, it gets rather depressing. Do you mind if I read this section to him just to see his reaction?

sevvy 2009.01.08 - 05:12AM 20: Epilogue Signed
I realise that you wrote this story a long time ago now and I therefore write this review unsure of whether or not you will ever see it or want to respond to it. However, I felt I must review. This is an absolutely amazing and beautiful story: I seem to remember having read bits of it before but have only now concentrated on it after finding it highlighted on this site. I was so sorry to read some of the later reviews you got for it where reviewers were criticising your ending: do they not understand what good writing is all about? This deeply moves the reader (as all good stories should) simply because of it's ending. Yes it is sad, bittersweet to be precise, but that, surely, is the point? But, without doubt, it is truly BEAUTIFUL. Your descriptive powers are amazing and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever read a more amazing or emotionally moving description (and by this I include descriptions by professional authors in professionally published novels etc.) of love making (not sex, you understand - subtle difference) than you have written here in this story. You have written Severus just as I personally see him. I have given out a 10 for this story but I'd give out more if I could; I just wish I had read it in it's entirity sooner (I wasn't a member of this site when it was first posted here) but I'm glad I have managed to read it now; it is unforgettable. Well done for writing. This story shines way above most others: a glittering gem amongst rocks.

Lill Snape 2008.09.23 - 04:47PM 20: Epilogue Signed
Whoa - you got some really serious reviews here, did you not? Did I like the final chapter = not really. Why? = sort of half expected it, but hoped you would not go there. However, like someone said: "Life is not fair". OMG - like the chapter or not - it was well done. Thank you for sharing, the storyline as a stand alone, over all was great. Have read it twice now. Going on to "Bittersweet" now, hope I've got the stories in the right order to read now. Thanks again for sharing, great job.

Lill Snape 2008.09.23 - 03:34PM 18: Chapter 18-- The Miracle Signed
You know these are just stories and just fictions, and I figure I am a tough nut to crack. However, part way through reading this chapter, I noticed tears falling from my eyes. I can not even explain what emotion I am experiencing, but the tightness in my chest is in its own way pleasant. Thank you for sharing, you get a 10 for this chapter, I'd give you 20 if I could.

Lill Snape 2008.09.23 - 02:25PM 17: Chapter 17--Not a Morning Person Signed
Worried/nervous about your dialogues? OMG - your descriptive powers within the storyline AND dialogues are incrdible. You take the reader right into the setting with the characters you invision. In my opinion, you really have nothing to worry about. Question: Are we (readers) supposed to be of the impression that maybe Severus has done a lot of reading about the sexual situation but possibly not have participated before this interlude? In other words is Severus basically a virgin at this point in his life within your story? Just curious, if that was your implication. Anyway, on to read some more. Thanks for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.23 - 10:57AM 14: Chapter 14-- The dreaded talk Signed
Seems that, finally Severus would admitted to his graduating 7th year class that he had misled them to keep them from drinking the wine. And somehow, if any of them ever revealed the duplicity, none of his Fifth Year students ever mentioned it. Who? Severur? duplicity - never - lol. It just struck me, seeing (in my imagination) Griff's attempting testing the wine anyway and being confused as to why it did not affect them with the need to hit the bathroom(s) unexpectedly. lol. Anyway this whole story is so invigorating, tantalizing. The chapter is your perception of Snape's inner feelings that he does not show as a rule. I like your Snape. Looking forward to "Bittersweet". Thank you for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.22 - 08:18PM 9: Conspiracy Signed
Snape - unfocused - well this is a first, to my knowledge - lol. I am (still) suffering from the "want to read the next chapter" syndrome, sorry for not reviewing (and this is my second time through the story). Still totally enjoying it. Thank you for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.22 - 12:48PM 4: Divination Signed
Actually, Aurealis, it is the first 2 paragraphs that give the fall description, and I totally agree. Very well done for an author who has no personal experience of our Canadian falls, and who created this description from viewing a picture. I make my special trips into the northern Ontario area in the fall, to see the splendor available. It never grows old. Highly recommend at least one trip, to experience the peace. Also suggest Vancouver, B.C. area, it gives a totally vibrantly different experience of excitement. In my opinion, each Canadian Province seems to give off its own sensation, something along the line of "Stop, smell the flowers". Nicely done author, and the storyline is wonderful also. Thank you for sharing. I have a habit of only giving a rating of 9 when I review, due to my opinion that nothing is ever really perfect. I gave a 10 this time as this endeavour appeared as close to perfect as is humanly possible. Thank you again.

Lill Snape 2008.09.22 - 11:49AM 2: Who she is Signed
lol- as RL gets in the way, I find myself re-reading this story. Still enjoying it immensely. Thank you again for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.13 - 09:12PM 1: Aislinn Signed
My, that was an interesting beginning chapter. Just letting you (the author) know that we (S & S) are doing as we said and have started on this story. It is completed and I know that we are going to enjoy the read. Thank you for sharing with your readers. Have a nice day.

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