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Reviews for Truth Beyond Memory

talesofsnape 2012.05.19 - 07:27PM 48: Home Signed
In one day of compulsive reading I've gone through this from start to finish and loved each and every chapter, so much so that I couldn't even wait until I gad finished to recommend it at the LJ community one bad man. The one and only thing that was a minor annoyance was having to keep reading the printer version of the pages because the lines of stars for scene changes made the pages about twice the width of my screen. (I'm getting old so I make use of bigger than average font sizes. That, though, is a VERY minor niggle compared with the wondrousness of this fic. Maintaining the tension you do over a 50,000 word fic would be remarkable. To keep it going for 200k is amazing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry that the stars were an annoyance for you, but I'm glad that you felt the story was worth it. Over the years since this was written, I'd begun to think that this story no longer had any appeal for readers written as it was before we knew so much that we know now. Your review really brightened my day. It's nice to know people can still find enjoyment in reading it. Thank you very, very much!

kitt46 2010.05.26 - 05:17PM 48: Home Signed
A really wonderful story. Long and fully developed. Thank you. All the best, kitt46

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. :D

scoutwithwings 2009.07.28 - 04:03AM 48: Home Signed
Great story! Loved it wonderful writing, plot etc etc! Kudos!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked the story. :)

testingt 2008.08.13 - 09:34PM 7: Deceptive Appearances Signed
What is rat-bastard Dumbledore doing to her??? Hm, have I gotten involved in your story, perhaps?

MerrinBeta 2006.09.30 - 01:05PM 48: Home Signed
Count me as another victim of this story. Desperately needed sleep was gone without so I could reach the end, and what an ending! I've been asked if Severus can be in love and in character, and this story proves a resounding yes. The scene where Severus watches her in prison is breathtaking. Death Eater for real, he and Minerva have experienced the gritty realities in this story, and they've still come out with love conquering all.

dreamcatcher 2006.08.05 - 12:33PM 48: Home Signed
Words of praise fail me, actually. Suffice it to say I have devoted a considerable part of my time to reading this story, time that should have been spent working as I am behind in fulfilling my duties. I will never ever regret it though. Thank you very much and please do not think of ever stopping writing these wonderful stories.

dreamcatcher 2006.08.05 - 05:56AM 28: Come Along Quietly, And No One Else Will Be Hurt Signed
May one comment you on your superior writing skills? It is not my habit to review individual chapters of an already posted piece but it cannot be helped. The story is certainly intriguing and developing nicely. The scene of HP being an idiot once again was especially lovely. Thank you for enabling me enjoy myself reading your fiction.

TheAshGirl 2006.07.21 - 11:21AM 48: Home Signed
That was a wonderful fic. Very insightful and I was gripping onto my seat during the trial! I was terrified for Minerva. I must say that it is unusual to come across a MM/SS fic, but this was very tasteful. Well done!

Wiccan 2006.06.20 - 12:34AM 48: Home Signed
Well, wow,..what can I say? I am sorry, but Minerva will always be Maggie Smith to me and she does not have nipples! Alan Rickman is (pant, pant, bite the buttons off) rather attractive. I really can't see this ship sailing at all...I actually had to picture other people at times and scroll through the love scenes because I can not wrap even my warped mind around this pairing. I'm not against 'old sex'. I did a one-shot of Albus/Minerva that caused groans. This is far beyond my wildest imagination. (OK! So I am square!) That said, the story was wonderful. The plot ingenious, convoluted and intriguing. The dialogue superb. I truly liked the story so very much. But Dame Maggie doesn't impress me as a sex object. Perhaps if I never saw the movies I could picture someone else. Well, all that aside...you are a wonderful writer that kept me enthralled through the whole story even with my...icks! Super job! Thank you for the entertainment!

Corwyn von Amber 2005.08.18 - 01:55AM 48: Home Signed
Wow! Wonderful story, it kept me reading through all 48 chapters! Looking forward to reading your other fics 2

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

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