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Reviews for E in Potions

mkwiant 2012.10.15 - 02:47PM 1: E in Potions Signed

caledoniandream 2012.04.03 - 12:12PM 1: E in Potions Signed
Yay! That was a really fun one. Nice touch on the bedcurtain description, btw. I'll definitely check out anything else you've written, as well. Keep writing!

severus_slave 2011.09.18 - 02:52PM 1: E in Potions Signed
This is a guilty pleasure that I shall read again and again. I love the visuals you gave. I was seeing it play before my eyes in the yummiest of ways.

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.07 - 02:06PM 1: E in Potions Signed
Hmmm, yumyum. but why do I have the feeling that she is not going to get an E after all? Would be so like Severus ;-)

pinknoise 2006.04.25 - 03:43AM 1: E in Potions Signed
Hotttttt! I wish that WAS me, lol. ;) Seems like such an obvious idea to write about, but yet I haven't read one yet, and you did a wonderful job! Awesome.

Seph7 2006.01.29 - 02:18PM 1: E in Potions Signed
I love this! There's nothing like a good one off for letting off some steam!! Gods, I wish Snape were a real person!! He'd definately have a thing or two to teach the more inexperienced people of the world!!

louise_snape 2005.11.18 - 02:58AM 1: E in Potions Signed
very nice. guiltily enjoyed this story like one would enjoy a chocolate bar. mmmm...erotic. i think there should be more stories out there in second person. loved it.

Osiodhachain 2005.06.25 - 06:38PM 1: E in Potions Signed
I really enjoyed this story. It's the first one I've ever read in the second-person. It sure got me all hot and bothered. Nicely done.

just_an_oli 2004.11.16 - 07:38PM 1: E in Potions Anonymous
One word: Yum

Vocalion 2004.10.17 - 05:59PM 1: E in Potions Anonymous
Vlad the Impaler - a very funny touch. You write very well, and choose your words with restraint and discretion. Now, if only things in real life were as good as they are in fanfiction...

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