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Reviews for Casting Shadows

Carrot top 2009.09.03 - 01:04PM 12: Epilogue Signed
Loved it! And the ending really made me laugh.

MithLuin 2007.09.13 - 07:11PM 5: A Talent Signed
I am so glad you introduce her feelings towards her brother *before* anything is done to her. It lets us see what the curse is working on. Nice story!

belladonna 2005.08.27 - 03:34AM 12: Epilogue Signed
Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! You are an amazingly graceful and talented writer. You are on my favorites list more than once. I really love your style!!

Sniv 2005.02.17 - 09:54AM 12: Epilogue Signed
"Their first Christmas together, so very long ago, and yet she remembered each and every detail as if it had just happened." Ahh makes me wanna read Snape In Love again! *sniff* So beautiful! And LOL I love the end! GREAT story!!! I hope there'll be more from you soon :-)

Sniv 2005.02.17 - 09:50AM 11: A Victory Signed
Oh phew!!! I love the end Hehe :-)

Elaine Lahey 2005.02.16 - 06:49PM 12: Epilogue Signed
What a delight this story has been to read. I'm surprised to hear that SS/OFC stories aren't that popular - they certainly are with me anc you are one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading your next work (hint, hint).

June W 2005.02.16 - 06:31PM 12: Epilogue Signed
Gryffindor! Her parents aren't the only ones speechless, although I must admit it makes sense. Heck, with that logic from the Sorting Hat, even Severus and Ella could be Gryffindors - bravery, courage, etc. I fear her longsuffering brother may end up Hufflepuff, poor kid, although I was glad to see the two able to play nicely after her recovery. VERY glad Severus and Ella have a stronger marriage now. THANK YOU for this lovely story!!!!

Elaine Lahey 2005.01.24 - 11:54AM 10: A Discovery Signed
What a treat to have a new chapter to read! The description of possessed Ella is very good; well written. I look forward to reading the next installment.

Sniv 2005.01.24 - 09:48AM 10: A Discovery Signed
They have to make it! A truly exciting chapter!

LariLee 2005.01.24 - 07:39AM 10: A Discovery Signed
At least there is hope the unicorn can save her, but will their marriage survive?

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