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Reviews for A Befitting Punishment Can Be Sweet

bch035 2005.05.02 - 05:40PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
Ignore those canon nazis. If you want to continute your story, continue it! What I've read so far is very good. You are getting Snape slightly out of character, but it's early enough to adjust a bit. :)

The author herself (not JK) 2005.04.18 - 10:14AM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Anonymous
To my dear readers, I hate to say it but I'm not going to continue the Noxcycneus series. I was "gaffed" and that just took the fun out of writing. I had intended on explaining many things in my series, such as what happened to Severus' parents, why Harriet and her family had returned to Britan after so many years, the Night Swan, the battle between Lucius Malfoy and Snape/ Harry... I suppose if you're interested, e-mail me and I can give you a full story line... but for now adios...

sorry 2005.04.10 - 04:30PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Anonymous
You've been Gaffed! http://www.godawful.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11271

Author's Response: O.o alright... I'll stop...

Uxellundum 2005.02.24 - 08:06PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
This is great stuff!! Please write more!! Don't leave me hanging!

armelle M 2005.02.03 - 03:54PM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Signed
I get that apparently, you've 'explained' Miss... Noxious's name. I'm a Latin scholar. May I say, if you're going to say 'magical night swan' in Latin, you do NOT go about it by throwing together... words. Noxcycnenus - Nox I get. Nox, the nominative singular of 'night'. I just...don't get the swan part. Particularly as the genitive ending would be either 'ae', 'i' 'is' or similar. And you have to have a genitive ending, because the swan is 'of night'. And the magic part - the word for magic in Latin is just... not there. Don't attempt to justify a -terrible- name by pretending it's Latin. There are many, many Latin students in the HP fandom. I happen to be one who can translate English into Latin, as well as t'other way around. The grammar of that little 'name' is appalling. Besides, if I'm going to be a pedant, if you're using Latin for the name, then you ought to have three names.

Author's Response: Wow. I'm sorry. But in my defense (though I doubt you'll read it) JK Rowlings stated that her "Latin" spells are simply thrown together Latin. And I never said it means "magical night swan" it was supposed to mean "of the Night Swan". The Night Swan is a creature I made up for the story and as I pointed out in the beginning of the third chapter: "It’s a mixture of Latin words that more or less means “of the Night Swan,” a magical creature that will play a part later in the story." Of course it's rough Latin; I can't speak it! I know that it doesn't follow proper Latin grammer. I simply looked up the words and tried to piece something together. I appologise to Latin speakers; I'll ask a Latin speaker next time I try to write.

serena black 2005.01.19 - 07:31PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
i liked it very much...i hope you continue the story....you have kept severus in character very well..and i think the pair will be very well suited together....i hope to see more..thanks for the enjoyable read....

Leonora Christina Karlsson 2004.11.15 - 11:37AM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
This is soooo hot! I really love the tension between Harriet and Snape! Very nicely done indeed! Too bad he couldn't find a ritual that required intercourse! I am really excited to see where this is leading. Update soon! Leonora.

Author's Response: You guys are so awesom! thanks for all the lovely comments, especially yours Leonora! -liz

Little Tigger 2004.11.11 - 07:10PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Anonymous
This is really well done. Beautiful imagery and all the details give it amazing veracity. I'm foaming for more!

Author's Response: Whee! I'll write more soon!

Malinornë 2004.10.28 - 12:56PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Anonymous
This is beautiful, flawless writing and a fascinating tale about an interesting relationship between two interesting people. I hope you'll continue for many chapters more... and that neither the master nor the apprentice will be disappointed ;-)

Author's Response: LOL! I hope that they won't be disappointed either!

gotsnape 2004.09.18 - 09:26AM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Anonymous
It would be easier if I knew how to pronounce the girl's name. Can you give us a pronounciation? I just find *bleeping* over her name to be distracting and it takes from the pleasure I would otherwise have recieved from reading this story. I had to stop about the place where Severus is meeting her at the gate. Also, why mention that he had the hairbrush since 5? Is that important? If not, you may want to remove that piece of information. It just stands out as odd to me. Over kill. gotsnape

Author's Response: sorry gotsnape! I guess that was pretty damn inconciderate of me! Thanks for the heads up!

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