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Reviews for A Befitting Punishment Can Be Sweet

SeverusSnapeLover 2008.07.15 - 08:41AM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
I Love The Tension Between Harriet And Snape. I Want To Here More!!!! I Would Love A Scene Ideally With Harriet And Snape Arguing About Their Emotions For Each Other. I Think That Would Be A Good Scene To Read

timeturner 2008.02.07 - 02:35PM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Signed
this is such a good story, i don't understand why you stopped writing. what does "gaffed" mean?

Amaya 2008.01.22 - 04:53PM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Signed
I am going to be brutally honest because I think you have potential to be a good story-writer. I found the first chapter almost embarrassing to read due to several things. Firstly, your original charachter seemed as though she was created with the author trying to hard to make her Snape-ish, or Snape-compatible. Don't get me wrong.. when OC's are used well, I very much enjoy them... I use them often myself. This one seems the Slytherin "Hermione", a teacher's pet who excells at this and that. The next thing is smaller, but no less irritating... students aren't allowed to bring snakes to school. It seemed unnecissary, as if just one more thing to make her Snape-ish/compatible. The next... a death eater at 5? Highly doubtful. She wouldn't even have a wand at that point, and I doubt the Dark Lord would find a 5 year old very useful. Which brings me to my next, and last point. Some statements and feelings described were highly OOC. I doubt Snape would feel sorry for a stranger, I doubt any of the staff would use the word "bint", and I can't see why your OC would tell Dumbledore off one moment, then have tea and conversation with him and the rest of the staff the next. The story had potential to be interesting, (I see you've stopped writing it, if I am correct? I'm new, so I'm still trying to find my way around... hard to tell.) and your writing is comprehensive and fairly intelligent... I can see no reason why you should be making such blatent mistakes. With that I leave you with words of encouragement... I do feel as if you will improve, and hope you keep writing, even if you did get "gaffed".

Slytheringurl 2006.07.29 - 08:20PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
I thought this story to be well, i's different from others but in a sense its well written, has a plot, a bit romantic, and includes Snape. why did you stop writing? I mean look at J.K her story was once rejected by professional publishing business or something like that but now look. These people who said you were 'gaffed' are people who are just very bored and looking for stores to say rude things about. I went on the site and it seems like none of them even wrote a story, I may be mistaken but its looks like so. If you enjoy writing go ahead, just forget about them.

Hex 2006.06.10 - 01:23AM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Signed
This story was very sexy to read. Do you ever dream of what you write? Hell I would! Great work.

tigger4will 2006.05.26 - 01:04PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
wow- well, I definately wish there was more to the story......I'll be checking to see if you have added more chapters!! I am constantly amazed at the talent on this website.... I have my own "stories" in my head, but can't write them myself.

kirka 2005.08.29 - 12:39PM 1: The Incredible Miss Noxcycneus Signed
Are you going to complete this story at all?

Secret Apprentice 2005.08.10 - 04:05AM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
Absolutely wonderful! Please let me know when the continuence is up, hp_lover_010@hotmail.com

Viper 2005.07.23 - 01:15PM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
Are you really going to give up just because you were gaffed? Well, since you are a writer who apparently can't take criticism, I suppose there's little point in offering you my advice. Shame, because you wouldn't be that bad a writer without the blatant Mary Sueisms and Snape rape.

TorchTeacher 2005.06.26 - 12:16AM 3: The Apprentice's Dream Signed
I started reading this fic right after christmas, and i was entranced. your writing capability is exceptional, and i thank you for three wonderful chapters. however, greedy as i am, i want more. I want to know what will happen. be inventive, please, i know you can be. sorry i am not able to offer you much assistance, but i am a strong believer in originality. I would be grateful if you would notify me when you post the next chapter as i am anxious to see the outcome of this most engaging story.

Author's Response: thank you. expect more soon. e-mail me with your e-mail address and I'll notify you. I can't honestly tell you how much this post means to me. :)

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