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Reviews for Bittersweet

astopperindeath 2011.04.19 - 08:05PM 13: Chapter 13: Relief Signed
i've been reading this all evening and haven't been stopping to leave reviews, for which i am very story. as always, your stories are just wonderful!

sarahetc 2009.02.14 - 05:53PM 42: Chapter 42: A New Day Signed
I recently read "Still Waters Run Deep" and so had to plow into this. I love the continuation of it, and the way you've built out all the characters. I particularly enjoyed the adventure and the battles you wrote. I really enjoyed what you did with perspective in the last few chapters, letting us see interactions from all sides. I'm going to go directly to the next story, because I very much want to see how Harry handles being entrusted with so much of Snape's history. Thanks!

Cuthalion 2009.01.16 - 08:17AM 42: Chapter 42: A New Day Signed
I should tell you that I read "Still waters run deep", and was not entirely happy with it... but I thought "Bittersweet" would deserve a chance nonetheless, and so I dug my teeth into the first chapter this morning. Needless to say that I couldn't stop reading until I had reached chapter 42, and I can only bow to you for writing this. Immensely detailed, intensely funny at times, very clever and - this time, at least for me - an utterly believable love story. The idea with the potions was genius, and I thoroughly enjoyed each moment of your tale - even more because you managed to keep Snape very much in character (which is difficult, to say the least). Bravo! Cķthalion

Lill Snape 2008.09.25 - 04:37PM 39: Chapter 39: The Order Loses its Spy Signed
(Jessica 2004)- talk about your pushy reviewer: Re: chapter 39's cliffhanger - "You must immediately correct this by writing several new chapter and posting them - immediately lol. (EllieK-2004)and NoxSomnium's sentiments of "he's not dead, he really isn't he can't be, no, he isn't." etc... over and over. Wow you're good. I totally agree. You still have this reader totally enthralled. Thanks for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.24 - 04:18PM 24: Chapter 24: Wrong Signed
lol - I'm sorry but I read the (CMWinters 2007) review and just cracked up, therefore had to stop and put my 2 cents worth in. Totally enjoying the story, to the point that you ain't gettin' the reviews you deserve, sorry. Just rushing through this emotional rollercoaster you have created. Snape's inner turmoil is gripping. Was bored for a bit when it suddenly dawned on me what you where doing in the storyline. Don't think I have noticed anyone taking the time to portray Severus in this light. Congratulation on this endeavour, and thanks for sharing.

Lill Snape 2008.09.23 - 07:41PM 2: Chapter 2: Snape's massacre Signed
We where reading at the end of the chapter, Severus' thoughts: 'But, had you been in Lupinís position just a moment ago, what would you have done?' He snorted softly. 'Bloody well left whoever it was alone. Which was what I wanted.' Supposedly, that most likely would have been Severus' action, to leave whoever alone when instructed. However, I believe that when a person is in this type of frame of mind (uncontrolled emotions), the person invariably thinks that being left alone IS what they want. Not realizing that their desire is inadvertantly supporting their personal sense of lack of self-worth. Therefore, the "friend" doing the consoling needs to realize that they (the friend) need to step into and fight to remain in the person's personal space to help them over come the negative/possibly sorrowful feelings they are subjecting themself with (intensional or not). Then Snape's thought where: 'Wanted to be left alone, hrm? And I suppose thatís why you made such an effort to get away from him. You could throw Lupin against the wall. There arenít many people you would be physically strong enough to shove away from you, but he is one of the few.' Thus admitting, in his (Snapes') thoughts, that yes he (Snape) had wanted Lupin/(or someone) in his personal space for the support that he (Snape) as a person suddenly realized that he had required/needed. Wow, author, nicely done, you made Snape human. Which is something that Albus is appearantly somewhat worried about. Snape doesn't let himself feel, bottles things up and doesn't as a rule allow anyone near enough to be of any type of help. Albus worries that one day Severus will break/breakdown in a manner that Severus might not be able to deal with, i.e. an emotional situation. Got to admit, Voldy giving Severus his own "party" day - Severus' Massacure - sure would put me over the emotional edge if I where Severus. Ok, change of thought here, you the author also stated that: 'You could throw Lupin against the wall. (I personally would have left the thought there because I think you said the next part backwards.) 'There arenít many people you would be physically strong enough to shove away from you, but he is one of the few.' I think with all that Snape has been through as a DE and training etc. that there would not be many people that Snape COULD NOT get away from if he wanted to do so. However, Lupin (werewolf) would be one of the few Snape might have difficulty with getting away from. Plus I feel/think Lupin would be greared up to anticipate Severus attempting to push him (Lupin) away, in this emotional situation. At least, Lupin realized/was prepared to keep everyone else at arms length while Severus cried, even not knowing what was causing Severus to breakdown and cry. So, Lupin was providing protection to/for Severus to allow Severus to fall apart and pull himself back together. The same thing that Albus offers in his own way, but Severus never searches out, apparantly. This was a situation that Lupin walked in on, and Severus just could not hold it together, to give himself time to go somewhere private. In a manner of speaking, Severus reached the end of his emotional rope, and crashed. Hope I did not annoy you with my ramblings here. Yes, "Bittersweet" fell right into place after "Still Waters Run Deep". Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

cmwinters 2007.05.21 - 04:35AM 30: Chapter 30: Explaining One's Actions Signed
Brilliant! I love the Potions reactions!!!

cmwinters 2007.05.21 - 01:42AM 27: Chapter 27: Lessons Learned Signed
Oh man. Harry's parting shot? *SWEET*! And I have to admit that I'd looked away for a moment, right where Snape told Harry to not give his enemies ammunition, and my IMMEDIATE thought was that Canon!Harry's reaction would be "are you my enemy" ;)

cmwinters 2007.05.20 - 11:02PM 24: Chapter 24: Wrong Signed
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what a prat! /me smacks Snape and his bloody martyr complex upside the head

cmwinters 2007.05.17 - 02:57AM 11: Chapter 11: Unexpected Messages Signed
"For a moment, Severus was taken aback. How to empty his mind? It was like asking how to breathe."
EXACTLY! I really think that the difficulty in those lessons was that "empty your mind" was perfectly sensible to Snape, who does it intuitively, but Harry doesn't, and really just couldn't understand the instructions, and Snape thought it should be obvious and thought that Potter was just being an arrogant uncooperative brat. It's like Apparation - you just *do* it.

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