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Reviews for Scratch

testingt 2008.08.13 - 08:50PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Alas that he wasn't allowed to keep his high standards of admission when teaching DADA (but then, the little dunderheads had to learn what he could teach him). The vacuum... primate evolution... Snape's at his funniest when he's viturperative.

EverMystique 2008.05.28 - 09:16PM 1: One-Shot Signed
"Anyone who willingly chose to be a disciple of Sybill Trelawney deserved to have their IQ points revoked." LAUGH OUT LOUD FREAKIN' FUNNY!!!! Thanks! This was very entertaining. ~EM~

Marisa 2005.06.08 - 09:01PM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
Very funny. Great piece of work.

zafania 2005.05.15 - 02:21AM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
loved his comments on crabbe and goyle especially. my personal evil git says that evolution gives those who lack in the brains dept the ability to lift boxes, so much in common with snape!

BaYer04rulz 2005.03.20 - 06:24PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Funny, but I'd love to read Blaise Zabini's result too... :)

Anaxarete 2005.02.22 - 12:35PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Excellent I can actually see him smirking evilly as he poises to attack, great chapter :)

Pandora Nervosa 2004.09.16 - 12:03AM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
This is too cute. It is officially one of my favorite ficlets. I can just imagine Snape's joy at ousting Neville from his 6th year class. Very nice.

Crossbow 2004.09.07 - 05:05PM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
The end was abrupt, as if it had been chopped off in the middle. Was there supposed to be more? Otherwise, very good. Entertaining.

The Badger 2004.09.05 - 04:58AM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
Loved it. it was v. hilarious.

white raven 2004.09.03 - 02:08PM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
God! That was hilarious. I was eating soup while reading this during my lunch hour and nearly sneezed it all over my monitor when I read the part about Hermione and the elf suppositories. A very fine work, especially for a 1000 words or less.

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