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Reviews for Parkinson! Detention!

repossessme 2013.12.28 - 05:22PM 5: Chapter Five Signed
Snape/Pansy is the ultimate OTP. For me, anyway. Thank you for writing this as the pairing is woefully under-represented in fandom.

goreplz 2010.09.13 - 08:14PM 1: Chapter One Signed
I don't know about everyone else, but who hasn't had such a lusty naughty crush on a teacher? In fact its happens to me. I had a crush on my math teacher, in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. not to mention my chemistry teacher in 11th, my humanities teacher in 12th, and my social studies and science teachers in 7th and 8th grade. Maybe Its a habit I have but teachers are quite desirable. I cannot blame Pansy or say that I haven't subtly tried to seduce a teacher.

sarabella76 2006.06.19 - 10:57PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Wow. That was really hot! Well done.

Aphotic Euphony 2006.05.07 - 04:28AM 5: Chapter Five Signed
I hope your updating this. Either way, good story. It's going in my favorties. There needs to be more Pansy/Severus out there. And I want to know whats up with those three boys, as well as see more hot scenes between this couple.

biatha 2005.10.29 - 06:26PM 5: Chapter Five Signed
when are you going to update?

clipzfan 2005.07.25 - 05:50PM 5: Chapter Five Signed
Very nice! I hope to read more of your writing in the future...

Lola Weasley 2005.04.25 - 01:19AM 5: Chapter Five Signed
"It was so good to be a Potions Master." - Great quote (Its good to be the king!) Great story... I do hope you continue!

Lola Weasley 2005.04.25 - 01:10AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
WOW! Thats it... just wow!

djackson_uk_2000 2004.12.03 - 12:56AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
another 10 ponts go to you

djackson_uk_2000 2004.12.03 - 12:42AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
HI good story so far, i will read the rest later, i think u know who i am he he, xxx

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