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Reviews for The Cauldron Of Shame

morgaine_dulac 2008.08.16 - 09:42AM 1: One-Shot Signed
Darn, looks as if I am channelling Snape's spirit: I have a Wall of Shame in my classroom. Oh my ;-)

MimiManderly 2007.11.18 - 11:05AM 1: One-Shot Signed
This had me chuckling! Having been in the restaurant business and attended many meetings to implement new procedures over the years, I have to admire Severus' way of seeming to go along while undermining the whole experiment. Brilliant! I can only aspire to that level of deviousness!

eroburn1 2006.09.08 - 05:14AM 1: One-Shot Signed
11/10 funniest story ive read in quite a while. write more lol

Author's Response: Thanks.

gesundheit 2006.07.29 - 08:56PM 1: One-Shot Signed

Author's Response: Thank you.

ZahariaCelestina 2006.07.10 - 12:50PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Hello there! I laughed out loud many times, too! Many hillarious moments in there; great job! You might want to work on your style for the dialogues, though; it bothered me a little. Here is an extract: Um, Professor, I understood everything perfectly," the poor witch responded hesitantly. "Sure of that are you?" Snape asked her dryly. "Of course I'm sure, sir!" a scandalised Hermione responded loudly. "Then why is your essay four-feet?" Severus asked, putting gleeful emphasis on a very tiny, minor little point. "I found the topic fascinating and decided to expand my research," the unfortunate witch responded in her best know-it-all tone. "Well, as it wasn't the assignment, I'm sorry to inform you that you received a D," Snape retorted in a manner that let everyone know he wasn't sorry in the least. I had the tendency to do that before, and it really burdened my style, in a way. Writing dialogue is one of the most difficult things and one of the first advices you'll read about writing dialogue is that writing "she said" or "he said" can be far more effective than the tempting description of tones, emotions, and so on. If you describe too much, in my opinion, there is just too much info for one sentence and that's why the style gets heavier (plus there is the constant repetition of the "ly" from reply to reply... hesitantly, dryly, loudly...). But hey, there were lots of priceless formulations, too; your short would not be so funny if there weren't!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the excellent concrit, as well as my tardiness in responding to your review. Yeah, I see what you mean. In the original incarnation, I didn't have all the fluff. I somehow thought it would be funnier if I added in extra description. It's hard to gauge without a beta reader.

LoneStarVamp 2006.07.01 - 06:34PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Ha ! What a funny one-shot about Severus - truly entertaining and so, well, "Snape-ish". Well done, indeed! LSV

Chalice_Wintershade 2006.06.19 - 06:43PM 1: One-Shot Signed
*ROFLMAO*!!! That was priceless! :D

snapette82 2006.06.15 - 08:50AM 1: One-Shot Signed
So, so Snape. I used to hate boards like that at school, glad he found a unique way round it.

Anouska Draconius 2006.06.13 - 06:49AM 1: One-Shot Signed
Hahahaha. I loved it. The Cauldron of Shame and the Bulletin board were brilliant. I'd hate to be in Hooch, Minerva or Albus's shoes when Severus gets his revenge. I also liked Severus's use of the word "positively", might have to try that one myself.

kodiak1 2006.06.06 - 06:13PM 1: One-Shot Anonymous
I laughed at this, out loud, at work.

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