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Reviews for Chasing Darkness Away

Demonica 2018.08.16 - 10:25PM 27: Absolution Signed
I absolutely loved this. It was a pleasure taking the time to read it and I thank you deeply for taking the time to write it.

chathamgrocerygals 2011.11.07 - 03:30PM 27: Absolution Signed
That was great. There is nothing else I can say.

Sith Witch 2011.01.28 - 08:21PM 1: Tribulation Signed
I like this. Got me hooked.

Sith Witch 2011.01.26 - 03:29AM 4: Vexation Signed
I am enjoying this story a lot. Very romantic. Very good.

Sith Witch 2011.01.26 - 03:27AM 5: Attraction Signed
You are good! Excellent writing. The description of Snape and his new found feelings of love are tangible. I can feel the anxiety between the two characters. Reminds me of my intense feelings for a fella I once worked with.

juliana 2007.06.28 - 06:12AM 27: Absolution Signed
I've just found this site 3 days ago, and I've barely been able to leave my computer, what with all the amazingly talented work here! I really enjoyed this story, and now I want to read 'Snape in Love', too. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. juli PS--I'm really relieved to find so many other people who share my Snape obsession!

AnnR 2006.06.29 - 02:30PM 27: Absolution Signed
Really enjoyed this story. I am going to read Snape in Love next. This has kept me tied to the computer all week

colmka 2005.10.27 - 11:05AM 27: Absolution Signed
well done. what more can i say. it was great that sev' was able to come to terms with himself, with his past and of corse to accepts that ella truely did, love him.

colmka 2005.10.27 - 06:05AM 23: Investigation Signed
it was fun to read this. I wanted to know what they got up to while they where away.

colmka 2005.10.27 - 04:00AM 21: Adoration Signed
OMG!! i read the first one and being able to see it from snape's piont of view, is great. cause i'm reliving the fairytale, from a different perspective. so the story is almost completely differnt. still love the Lemons?

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