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Reviews for I'll Tumble for Him

tomfelton 2006.01.31 - 07:09PM 1: Lust at First Sight Signed
omg sooo awesome just v. sad that there is no sequel...oh well still so good

Snapespet30 2006.01.12 - 08:35AM 1: Lust at First Sight Signed
*shivers* such a lucky girl! Great story and extreamly sexy. Just love a dominate Severus!

zafania 2005.05.07 - 05:31PM 1: Lust at First Sight Signed
hot hot hot. i want a spanking!

Author's Response: I think most of us would love to have a spanking from our sessy potions master. Thanks for reading!

Whimsy 2004.12.01 - 01:47AM 1: Lust at First Sight Anonymous
oooh, nice. Could we have more? Please? Very hot sex and an interesting story to boot.

elvia morwen 2004.07.24 - 12:53AM 1: Lust at First Sight Signed
Owwee! The snap of her leg breaking. And then all that slapping on her bum! ;) Really well done, good style. Does Poppy have a crush on Snape too?

June W 2004.07.22 - 07:26AM 1: Lust at First Sight Anonymous
Ahem ... this is not a one-shot? There are more chapters coming? Yes? Yes, PLEASE???

Author's Response: I'm not sure yet. It depends on the response. I have another fic I'm working on that people seem to like more, so I'm kind of concentrating on that one. If there is an audience for this one, I definately could continue it. Thanks for your kind comments.

Morning Fey 2004.07.21 - 09:16AM 1: Lust at First Sight Anonymous
Well done. I particularly enjoyed the sex. Snape...dominant...makes my mind wander off for a moment. More than the sex tough, the dialoge was great and believable and the writing very well done. Kudo's to you.

smoke 2004.07.19 - 10:45AM 1: Lust at First Sight Anonymous
Very nice! Maybe I'll go hiking in Scotland next vacation.

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