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Reviews for Dark Coil

mkwiant 2012.10.07 - 11:51AM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Signed
Well this is depressing. You have a wonderful story. I just wish you had finished it. You are excellent at characterization, and I love the expressive way that you write. Thanks for your hard work. I hope you finish this some day!

Mistris mayhem 2012.02.10 - 09:23PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Signed
NOOOOO... PLEASE COME BACK. please dont abandon this story. i just found it last night, and have been neglecting my life to read this, its really good. PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!

NoxSomnium 2008.05.29 - 12:49PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Signed
For some reason i was thinking it was done but it isn't :( But I love it. That was fabulous. They're all such real people. They have their annoying moments and their wonderful ones and the times when you sit on the edge of your seat, not primarily because the action is terribly exciting, even though it is, because you want them to do the right thing, because you love them. So don't leave me in the lurch for too long please.

morrigan 2006.07.11 - 12:23AM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Signed
hello there, you don't know me - but your wonderful story has enthrealled me through several long dark nights. I appologise for my peevish 'brit-pics' many chapters ago - but, look,I'm still here...still marking exam papers...read a chapter: mark 3 papers: read a chapter: mark 3 papers.....you can NOT NOT NOT leave me here without an ending... I simply must know what happens to Olivia who is the most wonderful original character in fanfic. Hermione and Lupin need to 'finish' too. Don't you dare wimp out on this great story now...ok, I said some harsh things about your 'olde english' - sorry, and all that, but as a teacher of Shakespeare...we could talk about this, and i'd be more than happy to help you get the thees thous and thines sorted if you like... ...PLEASE just don't stop writing, because your story is wonderful and engaging and thrilling and painfully romantic and........I'm going to miss it so much. By the way, it's Tuatha de Danann - tooay-tha dar-narn -'people of Danu' ...there I go, picking again! You have come so far with this, and poured so much of your heart into it - don't stop. Morriganx

shadowycat 2005.05.21 - 10:32PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Signed
I had to change sites to submit a review...talk about annoying. I was a bit surprised to see Olivia so doubtful of Severus' devotion, but the man does keep his feeling a bit too close to the chest. Still, she never would have doubted him if she'd been awake and aware in the infirmary. This chapter had such a different feel than the last one. That one was permeated with an intense feeling of alarm and worry and tension. The pace was almost frantic. This chapter was tranquil in comparison. Lovely, dreamy, and peaceful. A nice contrast. I was glad that Brigit seemed a bit more willing to offer answers this time, too. You are a mesmerizing storyteller, my dear. The story still enthralls. :)

Stella 2004.12.10 - 09:37AM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Anonymous
Recently discovered your story and was fascinated by it. I appreciate your not making Snape into some romantic saint....he is still somewhat of a swine (and should be), but a compelling swine indeed. Olivia is delightful, and the twist of character for Draco is unexpected and satisfying. I will be checking in from time to time for updates.

gaho 2004.12.06 - 06:51PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Anonymous
Dear gotsnape, I really enjoyed reading your story (as well as you notes at the beginning of each chapter!) I read it until late (early, rather, actually)hours and my husband complained a lot but I couldn't stop! Thanks so much WHEN is the next chapter ??? Can't wait !!

Run Wild 2004.10.11 - 02:22PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Anonymous
Again, some lovely bits like, in C35, Olivia says, “Forgiveness isn’t something you earn…it is a gift…and like a gift it has to accepted.” The description of multicoloured and light reflective snow in Ch 36 is well perceived. Oh, and “Parson Brown” – ha! ha! The squabbling between Severus and Olivia is ever a joy to read. It was also fun to meet Severus ghastly parents and read the effective TV-speak broadcast with Rita Skeeter - Severus’s subsequent bad behaviour was great! And Sirius, ever annoying, is banished - good riddance and I hope he remains as Draco’s pet dog for good. But the cryptic Surinim has returned. And the plot thickened, with Draco’s attack on Olivia as well as the growth in the complexity of his character. You just can’t leave it there! Why haven’t you finished this? Anyway, I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping I shall read more one day soon.

slave2snape 2004.10.04 - 01:51PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Anonymous
Aaaaack! There is nothing more to read! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I have sat all day reading and neglected my life for this story!

Melpomene Erato 2004.07.19 - 10:47PM 43: Wisdom Exceeds Folly Anonymous
I guess that was the only time she got to see the baby since she'll die giving birth, right?

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