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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June 2004.11.05 - 06:58AM 53: Chapter 52: Today Is Forever... Anonymous
CLIFFHANGER!!!! Evil, mean author.... Groan... Okay, so Severus has on his charmed Christmas gift, but Voldemort himself sees that Severus helped save the child and an auror (Tonks), and now Snape has gone "POOF!" So much for Christmas. How long does that anti-pain potion work for?

EllieK 2004.11.04 - 11:03PM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Signed
Oh, this is one of my favorite chapters. What a wonderful idea: the chain to protect him. It was very touching. This chapter was very well written, not that the others weren't, but something about the scene where they were exchanging gifts really got to me. Maybe I am just weepy because I have PMS. ;)

June 2004.11.03 - 04:56PM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Anonymous
Wait, the necklace only protects Severus? They didn't make necklaces for Lillith, Tonks, and Kat?? He can't remove it now? BTW, this is probably Severus' best Christmas ever, I imagine; very nice! This means you're really going to be mean to him on Boxing Day tomorrow, doesn't it....sigh....

Author's Response: That's right. The necklace is only for the Clan Leader. Giving it to Snape wasn’t just about wanting to protect him, although that was a major reason. It was also a declaration of loyalty and of themselves as a family, and an acknowledgement of him as their leader.

LariLee 2004.11.03 - 09:42AM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Anonymous
Smoke, this was probably your best chapter yet. I love the interaction between the characters and the Invincibility... beautiful. Thank you! ~Lisa

Author's Response: thank You!

me 2004.11.03 - 09:24AM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Anonymous
great to have this story going along so quickly. I really love it; I just wanted to tell you again. Nice necklace. Nice myth. Of course Snape can ice skate! Never thought of it before, myself. Anyway, I have no real criticisms, constructive or otherwise , to offer. I like your style, like your smut. We still want to know what the Marquis taught Severus, you know. Squee!

Author's Response: Hmmm, perhaps a oneshot for some other time?

aramintasnape 2004.11.03 - 09:22AM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Anonymous
The skating part was fun! And that was a lovely gift for Snape. Please don't tell me he's going to need it on Boxing Day??

Author's Response: OK, I won't tell you...

Melpomene Erato 2004.11.03 - 07:46AM 52: Chapter 51: And The Time Is Upon Us Anonymous
Does that myth really exist, or did you make it up?

Author's Response: I made it up. Whether there is really anything like it, I don't know.

Winna 2004.11.02 - 07:40AM 51: Chapter 50: Treasure Your Memories... Anonymous
That was so sweet! I think that's the first time Snape acted like he cares about Kat's opinion of him. I am dreading the outcome of Boxing day

AriadneElda 2004.11.02 - 04:54AM 51: Chapter 50: Treasure Your Memories... Anonymous
This was so sweet and hot! It’s incredible how you manage to make Snape caring and loving and still keep him in character. I love the way Snape and Kat’s relationship is developing. The photo bit was very touching. And by the way, Lillith is not the only one worried about Snape – I worry so much about him too! (Am I repeating myself, again? ;-) ) Hope this story will have a happy ending – not that I want to see it finished soon, no, no! Keep writing and writing!

EllieK 2004.11.02 - 01:22AM 51: Chapter 50: Treasure Your Memories... Signed
I think Kat needs some buttons...loads of black buttons. Still doing a wonderful job.

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