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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

LariLee 2004.11.11 - 06:57PM 57: Epilog Signed
Dog it, Smoke! I cried again! What a terrific epilogue... Okay, so don't rest on your laurels of having written one of my favorite stories... what's next? ~Lisa (who really is never satisfied and feels sad this story ended, but grateful it ended happily)

Author's Response: Next? Clean my house, for a change?

AriadneElda 2004.11.11 - 03:34AM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Anonymous
Loved this chapter! So many good parts in it! Snape seeing Neville's sketch, Hermione running across Snape ("I didn't even deduct points." lol), Snape drawling "Silence!" in the Great Hall, lol, Harry helping him go to his rooms. But the empty seat next to Harry... does it mean you killed off Ron? I guess you did... too bad, but... oh well. And the end of the chapter was great! Loved it!

Melpomene Erato 2004.11.10 - 06:38PM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Signed
The man has stamina!

June 2004.11.10 - 05:52PM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Anonymous
Awww ... such a lovely chapter, with perfect mentions of the students (Neville, Hermione, Potter, the missing Ron) and Dobby ... wait, Severus STILL doesn't get the DADA position??

EllieK 2004.11.10 - 02:43PM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Signed
I loved this line *“I hate this thing. Makes me look like Bloody Malfoy.”*

In my opinion this story is Perfect. Just Perfect!!! While reading I experianced so many emotions from happy, sad, ecstatic...just to name a few. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. I look forward to more stories.

EllieK, known to muggles as Liz

me 2004.11.10 - 01:30PM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Anonymous
yay. i love you. i love your Severus. i love epilogues. oh, yeah. Triumph, he lives!!

LariLee 2004.11.10 - 10:42AM 56: Chapter 55: Homecoming Signed
Wah! He's back and perhaps not in top form, in form. I'm going to cry now... again. ~Lisa

AriadneElda 2004.11.10 - 06:32AM 55: Chapter 54: A New Beginning Anonymous
You made me so happy with bringing Snape back! Thank you, thank you! But Dumbledore shouldn't have let Lillith suffer so much. Why did he do that? Was he afraid that if Lillith knew she might be forced to disclose the information if she was captured by Voldemort? I guess so, but still it was rather cruel. I'm so sorry that Dumbledore's gone, but I suppose we can't have everything. I'm happy for Kat and Tonks. They seem to fit very well with each other. And Snape will finally be able to relax and lead a normal life. He certainly deserves it, poor man. As Lillith does. Now I'm waiting for your next update!

AriadneElda 2004.11.10 - 06:05AM 54: Chapter 53: Tomorrow Is Just One Of Yesterday’s Dreams... Anonymous
Oh, you're killing me! Can't bear this suspense, really! Excellent writing, as always. I found very touching what Harry and Neville did. Okay, I'm off to read the next chapter, hoping that Snape will somehow come back! He has to! Please...

June 2004.11.09 - 04:20PM 55: Chapter 54: A New Beginning Anonymous
Sigh ... okay, I forgive you! That dratted Albus, Lillith specifically asked if Severus was "alive somewhere; hidden" and he deliberately misled her, without leaving any note for her in case Albus died. But why did it take so long for Meredith and Jon to tell Severus that Voldie died? Surely, M&J would know Lillith would want to come help in his recovery. When it's done, will you have the entire story (plus Kat's story, prequel) available on your website as a single document for download? I love this beautiful story and want to re-read!

Author's Response: Website??? It has been suggested that I archive this somewhere in long form. I'll look into it and if I do that, I'll come back and add a note to the Epilog.

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