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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June W 2004.08.02 - 09:48PM 14: Chapter 14: His Mark Anonymous
Great update! If I have to pick out my ONE favorite part of the chapter, it's this interchange: “You will do as you’re told!” He hissed the words. “No, ... I’m not going back without you.” Oh, what a fabulous couple!!!

Author's Response: Thanks June. He certainly isn't used to having people flat-out defy him, that's for sure.

June W 2004.08.01 - 09:43PM 13: Chapter 13: To the Victor Anonymous
YAY!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!! More?

Winna 2004.08.01 - 12:10PM 13: Chapter 13: To the Victor Anonymous
OK, I've made myself a promise to stop lurking and start reviewing! I LOVE this story. Good plot, good smut, interesting OFC's and a great interpretation of Severus. Please keep it going!

Author's Response: Winna - Welcome and thank you! It really makes a difference when readers review.

Melpomene Erato 2004.07.28 - 08:42PM 12: Chapter 12: Surrender Anonymous
Nice work. Hope you don't leave us hanging. Post again soon.

June W 2004.07.28 - 08:16PM 12: Chapter 12: Surrender Anonymous
You tease!! Blast those 22 minutes... so close...

June W 2004.07.26 - 08:47PM 11: Chapter 11: That Which Does Not Kill Us... Anonymous
Oh, he's being so sweet (in a snarky Snapey way, of course) -- biting her ear to distract her from the pain of the healing potion, asking her to come back to him after her visit. I just wish they'd "romp" a bit more, but that must be coming in future chapters, so I'll keep reading if you keep writing: :=)

June W 2004.07.23 - 05:47PM 10: Chapter 10: A Declaration Made and an Invitation Issued Anonymous
Ahhh ... wouldn't we all like that kind of invitation for the night! LIllith certainly knows how to cultivate good friends.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I wasn't sure there was anybody out there.

June W 2004.07.18 - 08:05PM 7: Chapter 7: Discoveries Are Made Anonymous
Ahhhh ... so nice to have a mature woman for Snape, someone who doesn't come with two emotional boys calling Snape "git," someone who truly appreciates him for who he is. I usually am not keen on original fanfic characters, but Lillith is special. I sure hope you don't kill her off! Please update!

June W 2004.07.13 - 01:29AM 1: Chapter 1: A Change of Plan Anonymous
Hmm, Lilith sounds like a nice lady, and her knowledge of plants should be helpful to him. But what will happen when they bump into Death Eaters? Will Voldie hear of her and demand her allegiance? And will she and our man "romp" in this tale?

Author's Response: Well, I won’t answer the first tw questions, yet. Suffice it to say that all will be reveled. As to the third question? Oh, yes.

Author's Response: Ok, my Beta will shoot me. Let me try that again: I won't answer the first two questions, yet. All will be "revealed" in time.

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