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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June W 2004.08.12 - 09:12PM 18: Chapter 18: Home at Last Anonymous
Hmmm, okay, so maybe it was a good thing that Tonks has forgotten some of what happened between her and Severus. Still, I'm very glad to see Tonks and her aunt able to talk openly about these matters. Now, a little more Snape-Lillith interaction, please? Pretty please?

Author's Response: Patience........

June W 2004.08.09 - 07:40PM 17: Chapter 17: The Long Way Home Anonymous
Jon and Meredith are such WONDERFUL friends! They're so sweet to extend a hand to Severus too, and while I like them a lot, and would enjoy seeing them again in the story, I'm still glad to see our couple back home at Hogwarts. Poor Severus - "Aunt Lily" was a real shock.... heh-heh...

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.06 - 06:25PM 16: Chapter 16: ......And A Longer Night Anonymous
Noooooooo! (sighs in frustration)

June W 2004.08.06 - 04:27PM 16: Chapter 16: ......And A Longer Night Anonymous
Bucket of freezing water ... yup, that qualifies as another cliffhanger. She is so wonderful and perfect to him, and he gives her that figurative "bucket"! AAUGH!

feastorfamine 2004.08.04 - 06:28PM 7: Chapter 7: Discoveries Are Made Anonymous
good good good. Question, though: Would Slytherin accept Snape as head of house if he was muggle-born? Would he have been accepted into Voldemort's inner circle if he was Muggle-born? Doesn't seem right, somehow.

Author's Response: Slytherin has accepted non pure-bloods for centuries and it was Dumbledore who made him Head of House. As for Voldemort, well, he's have to know, wouldn't he?

Author's Response: Gawd! Can’t even write two sentences without my Beta. And she says she doesn’t add value......

feastorfamine 2004.08.04 - 05:47PM 5: Chapter 5: The Continued Transformation of Severus Snape Anonymous
wow, I like the character of Lillith. She's no-nonsense, but warm, and there seems to be something deeper about her, something we'll hopefully find out in later chapters? (hint hint) Great story so far.

Estrilda 2004.08.04 - 01:52AM 1: Chapter 1: A Change of Plan Anonymous
Okay - please ignore the typo in my review - it is kind of funny in a warped way, don't you think?

Author's Response: Yup, that's how it happens! Thanks again for the review.

Estrilda 2004.08.04 - 01:51AM 1: Chapter 1: A Change of Plan Anonymous
The story sound promising. There are two little typos in the first chapter that I thought you'd like to know about.
He had almost . . . Dumbledore where [were] a bit different from . . .
Dumbledore appeared, may I temp[t] you?”

Author's Response: Guess even the World’s Best Beta can miss things. All I will say in defense is, “You shoulda seen ‘em before she got a hold of ‘em.” Well, no. Nobody should have seen them then. Thank you – all fixed!

June W 2004.08.03 - 06:42PM 15: Chapter 15: A Long Day.... Anonymous
Okay, so maybe it's just a HALF cliffhanger, since Snape found her. I really, really like the sneaky way he maneuvers Lucius into doing what he wants while maintaining his cover, and hope she remembers how Snape rescued her. More, please!

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.03 - 01:57AM 14: Chapter 14: His Mark Anonymous
He's so mean. Why was he angry before he saw the mark?

Author's Response: That's coming right up in the next chapter which I will post later today.

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