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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June W 2004.08.25 - 12:57PM 23: Chapter 23: A Banishment, a Summons and a Pledge Anonymous
That's awfully rude, just a piece of parchment sending her away without even a chance to say goodbye in person. VERY sweet, romantic gift - the necklace sounds like all she has of Snape in this chapter. Umm ... we'll see him again soon, right?

Author's Response: She didn’t have to leave right away, she just bolted. The fact that he wasn’t expecting her to do that is one reason why Dumbledore was so worried. Yes, our man will be back.....

June W 2004.08.24 - 01:28AM 22: Chapter 22: Success! Anonymous
I can him calling her "Sunshine" in sarcasm. But when it comes to her undressing him and him doing nothing except lay there in her arms... well, I'd think they would do more than just lay still. She's absolutely right about using HER as the test subject; consenting adult, able to be trusted with the test because she helped with it, etc.

Author's Response: I dunno, after the high of the successful test, the reminder that he’s going off to see his favorite Uncle Voldemort could have a bit of a deflating effect, I would think.

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.23 - 11:52PM 22: Chapter 22: Success! Anonymous
I can't think "Sunshine" is an endearment Snape would use.

Author's Response: He might if he were trying to be annoying. Not that he’s a wise-ass or anything.....

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.21 - 02:37PM 21: Chapter 21: Lifetime Companions Anonymous
Very nice. I'm enjoying this.

Author's Response: Thank you.

rl 2004.08.21 - 02:20PM 21: Chapter 21: Lifetime Companions Anonymous
Lovely symetry between the lifelong companionship of the plants and the emerging relationship between Snape and Lillith. I like that you made the last portion less explicit as it doesn't overshadow the feeling of connection and romance you had established.

Author's Response: Just what I was shooting for. Thanks!

June W 2004.08.21 - 01:40PM 21: Chapter 21: Lifetime Companions Anonymous
Very sweet; I'm glad she's mature enough to not fuss about his work as a spy. Umm ... the stuff they did in the last part of the chapter that you didn't detail ... is this like the first Wizard's Tale, things he did to Tonks?

Author's Response: Perhaps...... lol! Didn’t want the detail to overshadow the feelings of relationship.

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.20 - 01:03PM 20: Chapter 20: The Start of Understanding Anonymous
What a sad ending for the chapter! I hope you fix things so they end up together!!

June W 2004.08.19 - 09:52PM 20: Chapter 20: The Start of Understanding Anonymous
My favorite line: "Severus Snape, you [are] one drop-dead-gorgeous, sexy man." I just love it when Snape finally gets to hear that from someone who really loves him! More, please!

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.17 - 07:58AM 19: Chapter 19: The Monk’s Potion Signed
Nice slip of the tongue. I hope he doen't torture her too much, or at least her skin gets thicker...

June W 2004.08.15 - 05:20PM 19: Chapter 19: The Monk’s Potion Anonymous
Yay, Lillith! She ain't scared of him... "Cadfael" - heh-heh... Good excuse to not send him the book by owl. More, please!

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