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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June W 2004.09.02 - 04:54PM 27: Chapter 26: Thin Line Anonymous
You are NOT a trite cliched writer -- there is nothing predictable about this Snape! He just shows up and grabs her (some help her 'bodyguard' friends were), then has this widely respected professional adult woman agreeing to be his property -- "Nonono" indeed! HOT chapter. Umm, he's not really going to give her away, is he?

Author's Response: Not a chance....

Winna 2004.09.02 - 04:24PM 27: Chapter 26: Thin Line Anonymous
Well, so much for the kinder, more loving Snape from the last few chapters ;-). Love the lemons, but I'm *really* waiting for the next time Snape is summoned. I just can't figure out how he's going to get out of that one alive...

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.31 - 03:23PM 26: Sidebar: Tonks’ Adventure Signed
Like Santa Claus!

Author's Response: I can see Snape in a Santa hat now! lol!

Winna 2004.08.31 - 11:22AM 26: Sidebar: Tonks’ Adventure Anonymous
Oof, I can't believe I haven't reviewed in 13 chapters! I still love this story and am more impressed by Lilly with every installment. I love the depth of the feelings going between Snape & Lilly. I've been trying to guess what will happen in two weeks when Snape has to return to Voldemort, but I haven't a clue. As always, looking forward to the next installment (and I'll try to review more regularly).

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words - glad you're still with me!

June W 2004.08.31 - 06:40AM 26: Sidebar: Tonks’ Adventure Anonymous
Heh-heh ... how long will it take for her to realize it was Snapey? Or are you going to keep her in the dark forever, like with the forgetfulness potion from the prequel?

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.30 - 02:55PM 25: Chapter 25: Lean on Me Signed
I hope she doesn't miss anything important from the meeting.

June W 2004.08.29 - 05:20PM 25: Chapter 25: Lean on Me Anonymous
The necklace is such a sweet touch; not too schmaltzy! The sex is much more relaxed than with Tonks in the prequel, which says to me that he's growing more comfortable and at ease with Lillith. So the next chapter is when you'll tell us what spooked Lillith at the meeting with Albus and Severus?

Author's Response: The sex is different with Lillith - he cares for her. With Tonks he had absolutely nothing invested emotionally; the relationship was purely for sexual pleasure. That’s most of the reason he gave her the forgetfulness potion after the third time; he knew he was starting to push the limits of “uninvolvedness” (for her) and while he’s not exactly a caring guy, he didn’t have any particular wish to hurt her nor did he want the hassle of someone wanting something from him he wasn’t about to consider giving.

June W 2004.08.27 - 03:22PM 24: Chapter 24: The Inseverable Tie Anonymous
Wow, a lot packed into this chapter - the attack on the Austrian branch of the order (yay, Jon!), Severus getting crucio'd and Lillith feeling it but bravely hanging in there (SO glad she's not a whiner), and her response to him saying he won't get back. My fave line: "I not sure anyone would believe that the terror of Hogwarts’ teaching staff is being lectured by a small, angry witch.”

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.27 - 03:13PM 24: Chapter 24: The Inseverable Tie Anonymous
I'm glad she has a good head on her shoulders.

Melpomene Erato 2004.08.25 - 02:52PM 23: Chapter 23: A Banishment, a Summons and a Pledge Signed
A comment: I think Tonks would say "You-know-who".

The gesture with the pensant was absolutely lovely. Write more soon, please.

Author's Response: Good point about Tonks. Don’t know if there’s a history either way in the books. I just abhor the practice of calling him “You-know-Who.”

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