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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

Winna 2004.09.07 - 12:37PM 29: Chapter 28: The Ladies Take Charge Anonymous
June W has managed to say what I think about this chapter better than I could. So, ditto her remarks!

Winna 2004.09.07 - 12:30PM 28: Chapter 27: Leaving Home Anonymous
Oooh, so there was no master plan, he was just being a prick in the last chapter. Ah, well, he's a darn sexy prick and Lily's lucky to have him (mostly).

Author's Response: lol! As you say, 'mostly.'

June W 2004.09.07 - 06:24AM 29: Chapter 28: The Ladies Take Charge Anonymous
I love Tonks' definition of friendship -- she's absolutely right! And I love the way Tonks and Lillith force contact with Snapey, not letting him get away with hiding from them, yet you still manage to keep him just as strong and non-wussy as ever. Very delicate balancing act! Bravo!!!

Author's Response: Awww, shucks. *blushes* Thanks!

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.05 - 05:34PM 28: Chapter 27: Leaving Home Anonymous
Grrrrrr... these men are just upending her life. She's a very patient woman.

Author's Response: She is - I wish I had half her patience!

lucy 2004.09.05 - 04:21PM 28: Chapter 27: Leaving Home Anonymous
Really enjoying this story-- very detailed and interesting characters (both your interpretation of the original ones and the ones you make up!)

Author's Response: Thank you!

June W 2004.09.05 - 01:20PM 28: Chapter 27: Leaving Home Anonymous
"allow a friend his little conceit" -- so he's her "friend" now? and that whole "property" thing was just a "conceit" and not a D/s test? Sigh... I guess the "property" humor was sexy and funny, although I could see her wanting to slap him for it. Yup, sexy and maddening at the same time, that's Snapey. I'm glad they'll be living close together!

Author's Response: Not doubt the Man has certain proclivities toward D/s and BDSM........ Not to mention being a bit of a control freak and an occasional prick.

Winna 2004.09.03 - 01:28PM 27: Chapter 26: Thin Line Anonymous
D'oh! Sorry for the double review, but I think I just figured something out. Snape must have known about the guy at the pub. I think he reverted to his more sadistic tendancies to supply himself with memories to spin out if Voldemort wants to know more about his relationship with Lily. It also gives Lily some 'it's all sex, no love' thoughts if she is interrogated. I sure hope I'm right...

Author's Response: Double reviews are fine! I think at the moment, he has far more to worry about from Lillith than he does from Voldemort.

CareCrystal 2004.09.03 - 12:05PM 14: Chapter 14: His Mark Anonymous
This is the kind of Snape I like: Bossy. Dictatorial. Calling himself a Death Eater and talking about branding his woman. Be still, my beating heart, The Master is here, glaring and completely in charge.

CareCrystal (Carol) 2004.09.03 - 11:54AM 12: Chapter 12: Surrender Anonymous
June said it for me---what a tease! But what a wonderful, romantic tease! I love this story---you're a terrific writer!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.03 - 08:49AM 27: Chapter 26: Thin Line Signed
Oooooooo... that irks me.

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