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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.15 - 02:57PM 33: Chapter 32: The Death Eater Meeting Anonymous
Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Winna 2004.09.14 - 08:03AM 32: Chapter 31: For Family Anonymous
I’ve been holding off posting while I sorted through my feelings on the last two chapters. I’m not happy with where the story is going, but then again, neither are the characters 8-P. At first I thought that Snape was manipulating Tonks into assisting him, but I now believe he was just at the end of his rope and looking for ideas. In fact, he seems rather surprised in this chapter at Tonks’ continued willingness to help him. I was also rather relieved when Snape said, “Rape is not about sex, Tonks, it’s about power. It’s demoralizing and dehumanizing and one of the most despicable of acts.” That makes it pretty clear that you have no intention of turning this story into some sort of ridiculous PWP glamorizing gang rape (and we all know those stories exist out there). So, I’ll just wait for the update and hope for the best…

Author's Response: No PWP or glamorizing of gang rape - promise.

June W 2004.09.12 - 08:49PM 32: Chapter 31: For Family Anonymous
As much as I liked the Tonks-Snape prequel to this, the two of them have a much deeper friendship in this story. She really loves and trusts him, to do this for him; and he is really putting his life in her hands, as her failure or decision to back out could be fatal to him. I also appreciate the subtle way he answers her question about being raped; he's not melodramatic or self-pitying, he just answers her in a brief way that speaks more than a thousand words. Incredible chapter!

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.12 - 10:55AM 32: Chapter 31: For Family Anonymous
It even hurt me when she plopped down on the chair.

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.11 - 12:43AM 31: Chapter 30: Snape Needs a Favor Anonymous
I don't know what I'd do, but letting my relative go through that for my lover's sake... I doubt it.

Author's Response: It’s not Lillith’s choice. They are not under her jurisdiction and she is not the type to use emotional blackmail.

June W 2004.09.10 - 08:12PM 31: Chapter 30: Snape Needs a Favor Anonymous
Eeks.... Well, she doesn't want him to die, so she does have to do it. But when he told Tonks and Lillith about it, was he expecting them to volunteer? Would he have asked them if they hadn't volunteered? Or was he just telling them about it so they could know why he would be dead next week?

Author's Response: I believe he was simply out of ideas; knew Tonks would offer (she is an Auror, so accepting her offer is a bit different than if she were just some ditz,); was maybe hoping one of them would think of a way out. He needed help but didn’t exactly have a lot of experience in asking for or accepting it. Would he have asked if Tonks hadn’t volunteered? No.

Bebe 2004.09.10 - 08:00PM 31: Chapter 30: Snape Needs a Favor Anonymous
Can't really decide

Winna 2004.09.09 - 01:17PM 30: Chapter 29: We’re All Family Now Anonymous
*Snort*. Lucky for me I wasn't drinking anything when I read this, or I'd have sprayed all over the keyboard. Only Tonks would try and call Snape Uncle Sevy! And his reply was priceless! Thanks for writing!

June W 2004.09.08 - 04:27PM 30: Chapter 29: We’re All Family Now Anonymous
Heh-heh ... cool! I have to say that those are the MOST imaginative and creative curses I have ever, ever read. They're all great, but my faves are the 6x-hiccups and "walk backwards hopping on one foot". Umm, I'm guessing Snape really could do these? Nice to see them getting closer together and having fun, but he's still fully in control.

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.07 - 02:44PM 29: Chapter 28: The Ladies Take Charge Anonymous
I sort of imagine Snape denying point blank that he had rescued her. 'Let her wallow in doubt,' I imagine him thinking.

Author's Response: At this point he respects her enough that he won’t lie to a direct question. He’ll stonewall, change the subject, refuse to answer, but not lie to the people he respects.

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