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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.23 - 06:58AM 36: Chapter 35: The New Student Anonymous
He's not his son, is he?

me 2004.09.22 - 11:52AM 35: Chapter 34: The Ottoman Empire Affair Anonymous
i have stayed up way past my bedtime the last two nights trying to finish this story and the one that preceeded it. you are an incredible writer, i must say. your bdsm smut is impeccable, and oh-so-satisfying to peruse, and you have shown severus in a light i really enjoy. i like his new vulnerability, and i worry for him- how much guilt can a man have before he breaks? as you can see, i'm into this deep. thanks for writing, and sharing.

Author's Response: Hey You! Welcome to the club of late-night fanfic readers - lol! Thanks for coming; glad you're enjoying the party.

LariLee 2004.09.21 - 12:06PM 35: Chapter 34: The Ottoman Empire Affair Anonymous
Snickering here... I can just see the ottoman! Nicely done! ~Lisa

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.21 - 09:16AM 35: Chapter 34: The Ottoman Empire Affair Anonymous
Snape is just as good as ever, but Tonks is slipping from me. She's acting as though she as never gang raped... I keep expecting the other shoe to fall. She's also portaryed as too much Snape's inferior. She's an Auror and a very independent woman, yet she's acting like a ten-year-old when it comes to Snape. Something's odd about this.

And where, oh where have the lemmons gone with Lilith? Do you wish to see me beg? (It's not benieth me, I asure you)

Author's Response: Tonks has not really dealt with, or even recognized, all her feelings about what happened to her. Things will catch up with her. As for her behavior with Snape, she's like a small dog that knows it can pester the bejeezus out of "its" big dog and while it may get slapped down, it knows it will never be hurt. She can take work out a lot of "stuff" on him without fear. Where are the lemons? Umm, last chapter? And there will be more.

June W 2004.09.21 - 07:11AM 35: Chapter 34: The Ottoman Empire Affair Anonymous
And Tonks STILL tries to hex him in the back??? Ha! As if she could beat Snapey.... BTW, I just realized that you sandwiched in the Death Eater revel chapter between lovely "family" moments such as this. I think it made me more understanding of Tonks' volunteering to be "entertainment," after seeing how close the three of them are. I am SO glad that Snapey isn't all alone in the world! Umm... you're not going to kill off Lillith at the end of the story, are you? 'Cuz she's like MY family now!

June W 2004.09.18 - 06:40PM 34: Chapter 33: Healings Anonymous
As difficult as the experience was for her, I'm sure Tonks' Auror training included preparation for capture and torture by Death Eaters; still, she's got this wonderful attitude of "I'm tough, I'll get over this" that I think is possible because she has her aunt and Snape to support her. It would have been terrible if she had no one to talk with who could understand. I like the way Lillith provides Snape with support by showing him how much she loves him despite what happened to Tonks; Lillith is wise enough to remember that Tonks made the CHOICE to go through with all this. I also appreciate the fact that everyone is letting Tonks make her own decision about modifying her memories. And I just realized today how glad I am that this story doesn't include a whiny Harry Potter or immature Ron! BTW, minor typo: "Grasping her ankles her pulled her feet" should be "he pulled".

Author's Response: Proofread, proofread, proofread! Thanks! And I'm glad you're liking the story.

snapesluver 2004.09.18 - 06:27PM 34: Chapter 33: Healings Anonymous
What a wonderful story! So sexy, adventurous, and just so damn great! I'm a major, major Severus and Alan fan, so you can imagine my delight when I read this story. Really though, I'm more into Severus/Hermione fics, and I write my fics based on that ship at Ashwinder, but I have read so many great stories on this site that I just can't pull myself away! You're doing so wonderful! I am eagerly, eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Please HURRY!!!! *grins* ~Katy

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.18 - 02:05PM 34: Chapter 33: Healings Anonymous
I think Tonk's brain is slipping gears. When reality sinks in I imagine she'll be less worried about Snape than herself.

June W 2004.09.15 - 03:18PM 33: Chapter 32: The Death Eater Meeting Anonymous
"This is not about pride, Tonks, this is about survival" -- probably the best advice for any crime victim. Why WAS she so silent? He warned her what was expected. Voldemort says "No names," but he himself uses Snape's name; is Voldie doing this to keep Tonks or other Death Eaters from hearing names? They already plan to Obliviate her. Tonks is such a trooper in this chapter; she is in so few fanfics, I really appreciate the times you add her into the story. BTW, I think this is a typo: "touched Tonks with his wand had she knew" should be "and she knew".

Author's Response: Tonks was silent because she was trying to get the men’s names. As for Voldemort using Snape’s name, well, he’s the boss and it’s “do as I say, not as I do.” lol! Thanks for catching the typo. No matter how many times my Beta and I read these things, we still miss a few mistakes. (I like Tonks, too. She’s fun to write.)

Winna 2004.09.15 - 03:09PM 33: Chapter 32: The Death Eater Meeting Anonymous
Whew! Well, it wasn't fun, but it was done as tastefully as something like that can be done. Let's get Tonks healed up!

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