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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

LariLee 2004.09.27 - 07:16PM 38: Chapter 37: Promise Kept Anonymous
Another excellent, HOT update! Whew! ~Lisa

June W 2004.09.27 - 06:46PM 38: Chapter 37: Promise Kept Anonymous
Well, I'm as puzzled as Lillith - what's wrong with her comment about "Master"? The rest of the chapter was HOT!! Can Lillith teach us her charm? Heh-heh... Or can the author feature it in another chapter? Your spouse must be a very lucky dog!

Author's Response: “My Master” is the way Snape is required to address Voldemort. As for using the charm again? Probably not. But Snape has vowed to get even...

Liz 2004.09.27 - 05:12PM 38: Chapter 37: Promise Kept Anonymous
I am really enjoying this! Keep up the good work!

June W 2004.09.25 - 06:31PM 37: Chapter 36: The Letter Anonymous
Such an incredible chapter, as all your updates are. Kat finally knows the truth, even more facts than his mother knew; the misfortune that the very night Severus decided to contact Katherine is when she died. I love the way Lillith can make Severus smile when he's upset. I don't think Severus is "collecting" people freely; Lillith and Tonks had to work hard to prove themselves before he would trust them. Kat himself is going to have to work to earn that trust, but Tonks' recommendation will help. Hmm, Tonks and Kat together? Would be nice, but may be a bit weird that Tonks has had sex with her aunt's boyfriend and (future) father-in-law. Then again, this is fanfic. Happy endings for all, please!

Silverthreads 2004.09.25 - 06:27PM 37: Chapter 36: The Letter Anonymous
Interesting development. I am enjoying this story greatly.

LariLee 2004.09.25 - 05:16PM 37: Chapter 36: The Letter Anonymous
For a lonely man, he's collecting people left and right. :-D It's amazing how his heart is opening without him even being aware of it. Love this chapter and the one before. ~Lisa

Winna 2004.09.25 - 01:27PM 36: Chapter 35: The New Student Anonymous
That was sooooo cool! Way to tie together your stories! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Winna 2004.09.25 - 01:17PM 35: Chapter 34: The Ottoman Empire Affair Anonymous
Heh.Nice try, Tonks, but it's hard to pull one over on a master like Snape! These nice, happy chapters are a good break from the intense Deatheater meeting. On to the next...

Winna 2004.09.23 - 08:54PM 34: Chapter 33: Healings Anonymous
And so the healing begins. I was expecting more angst and hesitation from Tonks, Snape, and Lilith, but I like the way you wrote it better. On to the next chapter!

June 2004.09.23 - 07:43AM 36: Chapter 35: The New Student Anonymous
The backstory should be mandatory for anyone reading this story! [Besides being a very hot kinda-sorta chapter to this story.] You should put the URL for it:

Author's Response: Good suggestion. I made the story title a link.

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