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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

Winna 2004.10.05 - 11:24AM 40: Chapter 39: The Real Reason Anonymous
Oooh, great chapter! Very realistic attitude on Tonks' part. And we got some Kat time! The only thing that could make me happier would be hourly updates...

Melpomene Erato 2004.10.03 - 12:12PM 40: Chapter 39: The Real Reason Anonymous
Winked at her?? What have you done with our Snape?

Author's Response: LOL! Rather what Tonks was thinking. Snape’s world has had a bad shaking in the last 7 or 8 months. First he finds that there is someone besides Dumbledore who actually cares about him and accepts him as he is. Then he finds that person has a niece that he is already, ah... familiar with and who he sort of doesn’t hate and might even trust a little. Dump a son he didn’t know about in the mix and stir well. Now he finds that Tonks, who willingly put herself in harms way to protect him is on shaky footing. She needs his support to carry this off. While he is willing, he’s not a man who has ever given much thought to other people’s needs. He is a man of iron control whose world is expanding out of his sphere of control and he is very uneasy with this. He loves part of it, hates part of it; is scared of most of it and won’t admit any of it. Maybe he had something in his eye.

LariLee 2004.10.03 - 06:43AM 40: Chapter 39: The Real Reason Anonymous
I'm still chuckling over Snape's refusal to teach Tonks to dance! This story keeps on getting better and better! ~Lisa

June W 2004.10.02 - 10:30PM 40: Chapter 39: The Real Reason Anonymous
Wait! What happened to the Marquis de Sade stuff??? Ah, you big tease... Okay, re the Marquis-less chapter you ended up writing: I'm glad to see Severus and Kat getting along well. I'm also glad you're continuing to show Tonks' recovery; very realistic for her to want to confront her attackers (even if they don't know who she is). Also realistic for Severus to feel a bit wary, now that he knows Tonks has a curse that she could use on HIM, and that Lillith could use on him too. EEPS!

Author's Response: I thought I’d give them a little privacy for a change. And yes, finding out about the charm did make him squirm a bit.

Melpomene Erato 2004.09.30 - 11:14PM 38: Chapter 37: Promise Kept Anonymous
Great! There should be some prize for this kind of thing!

me 2004.09.30 - 12:39PM 39: Chapter 38: Quid Pro Quo Anonymous
that is the most evil cliffhanger ever. dear lord, you and i must have something in common- your Severus is everything i'd want him to be, in the light you portray him. i love twisted people! i'm as breathless as Lillith must be in anticipation. squee, squee-OMGhe is teh dirty eleventy-one!

Winna 2004.09.29 - 10:53PM 39: Chapter 38: Quid Pro Quo Anonymous
But... but... what about Kat? Don't get me wrong, I love the lemons and the Tonks/Snape interaction, but I'm dying to know how Kat and Snape are getting along! Ah, well, I'm hooked on this story, wherever you take it. Looking forward to the next update!

June 2004.09.29 - 10:33PM 39: Chapter 38: Quid Pro Quo Anonymous
I love the dialog they have! Poor Tonks, getting kicked out in the snow; then again, she did disrupt their evening unannounced and will see them (and Kat?) the next day. I'm looking forward to her disguise for the party! Umm... Marquis de Sade reenactment? This is the next chapter? Oooohhhh...

LariLee 2004.09.29 - 06:26PM 39: Chapter 38: Quid Pro Quo Anonymous
Enough with the evil cliffies! :-D I didn't think Death Eaters had any balls though (sorry, couldn't resist that one). Another excellent chapter. I love the interaction between Tonks and Severus. Forgive me for not reviewing every chapter. I still think you're great even if I don't say so. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Your comment really made me laugh! You'll know why next chapter.

me 2004.09.28 - 12:07PM 38: Chapter 37: Promise Kept Anonymous
he's going to have to come up with another title for himself! wish i could speak to them, i have many ideas! *snicker* just kidding. they sure seem real, and that's thanks to your characterization skills. can't wait for the "revenge"!

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