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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

June 2004.10.10 - 09:49PM 43: Chapter 42: In Demand Anonymous
Oooohhhhh ... sexy dancing Snape! And all those Death Eater wives drooling after him after snubbing him all night -- heh-heh! I'm glad you continue to show Tonks' recovery and Snape's support of her; it makes me think of how hard it must be for Snape to stand by helplessly as he watches Death Eater revels, knowing the suffering the victims face. I'm a bit fearful of what will happen if Tonks tells Kat the WHOLE story -- i.e., whether Kat will explode at his newfound father despite Tonks' volunteer status as victim. BTW, typo: "Kat forgot is irritation" should be "his irritation".

Author's Response: Typo fixed - thanks!

Winna 2004.10.10 - 03:23PM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
I'm hoping the cursed DE's will turn towards Snape for a potion cure for their "conditions"; that would be too funny! Too bad Tonks can't meet up with Voldemort...

aramintasnape 2004.10.10 - 11:38AM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
Way to go, Tonks! And I loved the part about house elves being transformed into footmen!

LariLee 2004.10.09 - 03:10PM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
I think it's great that Tonks' nervousness fades when she's "on the job" and I LOVE the revenge! Whoo hoo! Tonks rocks in this (as does Severus but I expect nothing less from him). Beautifully written! ~Lisa

me 2004.10.09 - 03:05PM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
hee hee! i like Tonks' method of revenge. And I love how Severus was so gentlemanly and genuinely helpful, even with serious reservations. Somehow, the thought of sexually castrated death eaters is a scary one- I mean these people are already dangerous... dum dum dum! Looking forward to more!b

June W 2004.10.08 - 06:29PM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
YAY, TONKS!!!! This may be the best part of her recovery. I like the fact that she did NOT dance with Goyle; when the guys finally figure out what happened, IF they figure it out, Goyle will be the one exception who did not dance with Snape's "cousin". Very nice that you have the clumsy Tonks so GRACEFUL in this chapter, even the way she subtly maneuvers her wand down her glove. Fave line: "Careful of your aim!"

EllieK 2004.10.06 - 11:14PM 41: Chapter 40: The Rain in Spain... Signed
I say slice 'em and dice 'em! Oh yeah!!!

aramintasnape 2004.10.06 - 08:21AM 41: Chapter 40: The Rain in Spain... Anonymous
I want to see Snape in those boots, lol! Good chapter - looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: The only problem with the boots is that they do away with some of those buttons. What a choice! ;-)

LariLee 2004.10.05 - 07:09PM 41: Chapter 40: The Rain in Spain... Anonymous
Excellent update! Castrating Death Eaters is always worth a party. ~Lisa

June W 2004.10.05 - 05:33PM 41: Chapter 40: The Rain in Spain... Anonymous
Have I told you yet that I love your Snape? (and Lillith, and Tonks, and Kat) I wish Rowling would use you as a co-writer! Sigh, if only Rowling had an adult line of HP books... My fave line in this chapter: “Then let’s go castrate some Death Eaters.” I am so looking forward to the next chapter! Does Tonks have memorized every single Death Eater at the event? Just so she doesn't miss anyone!

Author's Response: What a lovely thing to say - thank you! An adult HP series, hmmm. Only problem is that JKR's Snape is NOTHING like most fanfic Snapes. I mean hers would NEVER fall in love! lol! Will Tonks recognize them all? Remember she is an Auror - trained to remember faces and names. And she's motivated. And, she has help...

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