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Reviews for The Wizard’s Tale: A Continuation

aramintasnape 2004.10.15 - 03:25PM 45: Chapter 44: A Warning Anonymous
Oh no! I hope they get there before Malfoy has time to do anything to poor Lillith! The part about Severus letting Dobby keep warm inside his cloak was sweet - if such adjectives can be applied to our man! And I think I forgot to review the last chapter *grovels* - sorry! I printed it to read, then forgot to log back on!

June W 2004.10.15 - 03:17PM 45: Chapter 44: A Warning Anonymous
Another cliffhanger!! At least we know there's a good chance of rescue and Lilly isn't being currently tortured. This is one of the best uses of Dobby I've read in a fanfic; it makes sense that he would know everything about the house. I'm happy to see him accompany the rescuers; very cute to have Severus keep Dobby warm! Interesting that Kat knows some tricks that Severus doesn't know. [BTW, "can you got straight to the house elves” should be "go straight"]

Author's Response: *sigh* Fixed - thank you! Kat is a curse/charm breaker for Gringots and is studying with Flitwick. That’s his field of expertise, and my Snape, alas, doesn’t know everything...

Winna 2004.10.15 - 01:53PM 45: Chapter 44: A Warning Anonymous
Another great chapter! I'm betting Malfoy took Lillith in the hopes of getting a cure for the hexing done by Tonks (but I have a long history of being wrong about guessing plot lines). And I know I'm probably alone on this, but I prefer the plot chapters to the lemon chapters. Hey, I like smut as much as the next gal, but I really love the characters and their interactions more. Guess we have to wait a week for the next update...

Author's Response: Update will be in regular time. The lemons will be delayed...

Melpomene Erato 2004.10.13 - 06:25PM 44: Chapter 43: Who Are You? Signed
You will continue this lemon, right?

Author's Response: I hear you, honest. But adding lemons now would have caused a long delay in posting. (See A/N in next chapter.) The lemons will come.

Yabo 2004.10.13 - 09:35AM 44: Chapter 43: Who Are You? Anonymous
Great story, I love it! I have noticed though that you close with Lillith and Severus going to do some naughty stuff but never tell us about it. Please please, we are dying here! Your Snape sex scenes are great!

June 2004.10.12 - 08:34PM 44: Chapter 43: Who Are You? Anonymous
Oh, no...Tonks better have a LONG talk with Kat! I doubt she intended her words to cause a rift between father and son. I'm glad Kat said he would not miss this next appt with his dad after seeing Flitwick, but Severus doesn't need Kat on his back. Yeesh! [BTW, "his manor closed" should be "manner"]

Author's Response: Bah! Thanks; error fixed. I bet my Beta hates it when I tinker with things after she’s fixed them...

aramintasnape 2004.10.11 - 10:09AM 43: Chapter 42: In Demand Anonymous
I love the dancing part! And the chapter title was clever - Snape was certainly 'in demand' after that little display!

Melpomene Erato 2004.10.11 - 09:36AM 43: Chapter 42: In Demand Anonymous
She cursed Snape?

Author's Response: No, he just wanted her to be careful.

Melpomene Erato 2004.10.11 - 09:29AM 42: Chapter 41: I Could Have Danced All Night Anonymous
Too bad it'll take so long for the victims to realize the curse!

LariLee 2004.10.11 - 12:00AM 43: Chapter 42: In Demand Anonymous
Damn! I could just picture that jacket scene and the entire Tango! Whew, need to open a window. It's suddenly hot in here. ~Lisa

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