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Reviews for Snape In Love

seventonks 2006.01.20 - 09:06PM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
WOOOT!!!!!! *gives a standing ovation, hands clapping furiuosly* this was marvelous! *heads off to read all your other works*

karenjr1957 2005.08.21 - 01:57AM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
Just an absolutely fantastic story. I only stopped reading because I had to sleep - I even ate here. I loved Severus having a family...it makes him even more human and cuddly!

annabelx 2005.08.20 - 01:26AM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
wonderful! i enjoyed that so much. cant wait to read more of your work!

annabelx 2005.08.19 - 11:19AM 15: Chapters 49 and 50 Signed
wonderful! I am enjoying your story so much!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 07:15AM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
This story was an amazing read! I cant believe I havent found this before! I love the way you write and not at one time was it boring! Ella is an amazing character and I love to see what she goes through. Your story really captures one! My respect to you and many thank yous because you have posted this story! Its fantastic and amazing! You kept Snape true to character, even though a Snape in love might not be what most people would say was true to character, but I believe so! Thank you for an amazing, fantastic and brilliant story!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for so many enthusiastic reviews! I'm glad you liked it! I do hope you'll go on to read Chasing Darkness Away. It covers much of the same ground, but is told from Snape's POV and shows he isn't really as fluffy as Ella thinks he is, LOL!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 07:00AM 18: Chapters 55 and 56 Signed
*sniff* So beautiful! They got each other and one can feel their happiness through the screen!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 06:46AM 17: Chapters 53 and 54 Signed
So glad to see that love won! And whee they are getting ready for the wedding! Nice to see that Lucius was captured and I hope Draco will be fine. Rita well I hope she gets what she deserves!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 06:25AM 16: Chapters 51 and 52 Signed
OH nooooooo!!! They were doing so well! Snape wont be able to take it if she turns away again! Be strong! No no! What an exciting post! OMG Im so excited now! Great!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 04:55AM 15: Chapters 49 and 50 Signed
Snape has a brother? Great and so nice to see him kissing Ella in public! Although he had to drink much to get there LOL...Great! I really love to see them around their child! Its so touching!

Sniv 2005.01.13 - 04:25AM 14: Chapters 47 and 48 Signed
The birth was great! The dialog is priceless! Very very good! And they are getting married in 5 days? Yes!!! Im so happy to see Snape not panicking at all about getting a child. And Im glad to see that he from time to time is being social lol

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