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Reviews for Snape In Love

Marigold Gilberte 2017.03.30 - 06:12PM 7: Chapters 25 to 28 Signed
Glad to see Sirius "showed up". A translation of the conversation in French would be helpful. 😒

Vedra 2013.07.26 - 09:10AM 1: Chapters 1 to 4 Signed
I realize you wrote this a while ago, but I feel obligated to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your work. I must have reread this dozens of times. It has provided me with a lovely escape from the world, so thank you.

Eurayle_23 2012.08.28 - 12:45AM 5: Chapters 17 to 20 Signed
Thank you! I'm enjoying this-years later-and want to encourage you to continue. . .I enjoy the compressed and subtle writing. I recognize the cord, one heart to another, from Jane Erye. My favorite novel and a wonderful adapatation Rebecca, which is also a great Hitchcock film. Can't wait to read the rest. Although I have to sleep sometime!

parothed67 2012.03.25 - 03:23PM 3: Chapters 9 to 12 Signed
Still enthralled with your story! "I think that's enough excitement for one day, don't you?" I adore that line! And I'm mentally filing it away, just in case it might come in handy at some opportune moment some day. ;)

parothed67 2012.03.25 - 01:58AM 1: Chapters 1 to 4 Signed
How I'm enjoying this! You have truly captured Snape & brought to the fore his sexual allure. I would be taken with your tale for that reason alone but your other main character is very well developed as well & I can't wait to see where this is all heading. I would like to say, too, that I truly appreciate the British spelling & expressions. That might sound ridiculous since, of course, you ARE British. (Don't be alarmed but I stalked your blog.) I hate to criticize my fellow Americans but I do wish they would make a stab at learning a bit more about the British writing style before making a stab at writing Potter fanfiction; some of their offerings are just painful to read.. I'm rambling but please accept my praise & thanks (& ignore my petty envy of your talent) for your wonderful story!

invisibilitycloak2 2008.12.24 - 09:37AM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
wow, you accomplished the impossible...you made me like Snape even more :D hehe, great job :)

-- 2008.12.20 - 05:29PM 10: Chapters 35 to 37 Anonymous
Aww, I love Snape like this :)

invisibilitycloak2 2008.12.18 - 05:47PM 6: Chapters 21 to 24 Signed
oh, gosh Ella, why?!?!?! please someone tel this woman!! poor, Snape :(

invisibilitycloak2 2008.12.18 - 05:20PM 5: Chapters 17 to 20 Signed
omg, i was so startled when snape died...i can't imagine anything worse for ella...i really hope it ends well...

sevvy 2008.08.04 - 11:16AM 19: Chapters 57 and Epilogue Signed
Having read this story a number of times now (albeit not always all of it at one time - bits here and there sometimes!), I suddenly realised that I had never actually reviewed it! And this is despite it being one of my very favourite (if not the most favourite, hence the 10 rating!) I really do just love your writing and love this story so much....Severus is so in character and, more especially, it is so romantic. I read the sequel which doesn't disappoint either. Sorry I haven't reviewed earlier but I'm finally getting round to reviewing a lot of stories that I've read and selfishly not reviewed before to rectify the situation. Thank you so much for this truly lovely story. I don't know if you are still continuing to write but I hope so and would love to hear more from you in the future.

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