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Reviews for Secretly Slytherin

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.24 - 07:42PM 27: Let the Games Begin Signed
I LOVEEEEE Hel. she is so smart and devilish. I'de feel bad for Snape if he weren't such an ass hole.

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.24 - 04:02AM 23: Potions, Passions and Parents Signed

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.24 - 03:45AM 22: At the Infirmary Signed
hmmm...he is a bastard indeed...but what if she does not remember the sex and instead falls inlove with the other guy.....but then she would be confused with the desire to bang snape.

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.23 - 09:45PM 5: Stand Back and Pray that You'll Survive the Explosion Signed
again-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that was funny! i love monty...you should do another story and add the holy grail in there. "african swallow or european?"

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.23 - 09:25PM 4: Step Three: Add a Touch of Alcohol Signed
AHAHHAhaHAhaAAHAHAHAAAAA its about time he got his! HAHHAHAHAAA! brilliant! bloody brilliant!

Polaris Dakota 2005.08.23 - 08:47PM 2: Step One: Bring Your Potions Professor to a Slow Boil Signed
hahahaha i love crafty ravenclaws!

DDG 2005.08.19 - 01:55AM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
*falls over and dies* I. Love. This. Story. It's written so beautifully...and it stays so true to Snape's character. I just love it. No other words to describe it. I think I spent about three entire days reading it. Wouldn't have took as long but my internet hates me and I got disconnected every time I finished one or two chapters. You HAVE to write a sequel! I don't know what I'll do if you don't! *crawls under a rock, dead, not to be brought back to life until the sequel has been written* By the way, loved the sex scenes. They were great. They were just written so...so...perfect.

zerlina 2005.08.15 - 08:46PM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Signed
I really loved this fic!!!! Please, o please write a sequel!!!

Aussie Mel 2005.07.31 - 11:46PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
I love this story. I just spent the last few days reading this and the previous story. And I love it. Keep up the fab work and i can't wait to see more from you really soon. Cya Aussie Mel

rennie33 2005.06.28 - 07:36PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
I have to say that, this being the second time I have read your story, I still absolutely LOVE it... I could write an extremely long commentary where I point out all the things I admire about your work, but I am not in a mood to be long-winded. I do, however, feel the need to plead with you to write another part of the story. Your pieces are one of the few Snape/anyone, where Snape is still an unattractive, decieving bastard, not the fluffy nonsense that I so hate. So with that said, it would be much appreciated if you would write the next edition of your work, time permitted, of course. Ren

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