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Reviews for Secretly Slytherin

darkmark111 2006.07.04 - 01:44AM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
this was so good! i originally searched for snape/student stories on fanfiction.net because i simply needed some inspiration for my own, but i never expected to be so entranced by the plot. this is AMAZING! i dearly hope that you put out a sequel soon, you are such an incredible writer!

jenisus 2006.06.20 - 10:02PM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Signed
Wonderful character development! Story's even better. Cannot wait for the third installment.

DDG 2006.06.11 - 07:25PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
*pokes with a rather large stick* After re-reading this for, howevermanytimesit'sbeennow, I must reassert my humble want(read: need) for a sequel. Cliffhangers, gwah! *cries*

Rella Moss 2006.06.03 - 08:26PM 5: Stand Back and Pray that You'll Survive the Explosion Signed
:^D You are a class act, Veresna!

persefona 2006.05.07 - 05:43PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
I beg you WRITE A CONTINUATION !!!!!!!!! Please, please, please, please..... I am addicted, i just cant stop reading again and again. I love this story!!!!!!!

scarletwanderer 2006.04.20 - 03:47AM 6: We Know Continue With Our Previously Sceduled Story Signed
Seriously...the 3rd song "H" on the Tool album Aenima...well, the whole album, really...totally fits the mood of this entire story...it's a wonder that Helena wasn't a Slytherin, being so perfectly matched in wits with Severus, but I understand why Ravenclaw & Slytherin would see eye ~ eye.

stepmom 2006.04.13 - 01:57AM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Signed
Great story!! Good plot lines!!! It's been about 2 years now since you completed this story. Any plans for creating the sequel? You can't leave your readers hanging!!! Please do a sequel!!!

pisquenta 2006.03.25 - 09:22AM 5: Stand Back and Pray that You'll Survive the Explosion Signed
Oh my God!!! *peed myself laughing*

mrshoratiocaine 2006.02.17 - 06:20PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Signed
omg! this story was AMAZING! i love it (as i did it's prequel), and i do sincerily hope that you'll start on that sequel soon ;) your snape was fantastic, just so snapeish. i mean, it was a snape that was so true to his character in the books. and the humor in the story, one of the parts that i liked best!! thnx, i really really enjoyed it!!

seventonks 2006.01.26 - 06:22PM 30: The Decision Signed
what do you mean where snape is actually evil?!?! this is worse!!! hmph! *goes off to find better stories*

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