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Reviews for Secretly Slytherin

Lady Emma 2004.07.14 - 10:49PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
This was an amazing fantastic story and I can't wait for the sequel to come out. I tend to avoid original character stories cause they too often turn out to be awful Mary Sue crap, but Helena is wonderful, developed and unique in her devious way and she's perfect for Snape. I can't wait to see where they go next, especially with the new betrothal and her off to medical school. Should be very interesting. I can't wait. ;)

LadyMychalia 2004.07.13 - 11:08AM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
Well,honestly I didn't know how to feel about this fic at first. I am a die hard mary sue fan and was at first turned off by the nasty potions master but I found that I could not for the life of me stop reading. It definitely had a redeeming quality and the snogging,well,yummy! I do hope you write another fic where this one left off. As for me, I am truly hoping there is more love that grows from the two as they get ready for marriage. Elyse

Author's Response: Oh, they are already quite in love with each other. But I think they are both afraid to admit the depth of the feelings to themselves, much less risk being the first to say those words out loud. I don't know if Severus will ever reach that point-I could honestly see him looking at her in bewilderment if she asked him point-blank if he loves her. "What an absurd question. Why else would I have done what I've done?" Which is an admission, of a sorts, I'll grant but still not the same as saying those three words out loud. As for Helena, she loves him passionately but has not yet put down all her guards either. In the continuation of the story (if it ever gets written) you will see that she still has a tendency to things compulsively, thinking that she can find some way to squirm her way out of a difficult situation and that she will have a chance to explain and justify it later, and that could definitely jeopardize the relationship. Thanks for the review!

pamzed 2004.07.13 - 10:43AM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
well I really enjoyed that (though I did skim some of your admittedly very well done juicy bits). This is not a criticism, I'm just more interested in the story & characters. Both are excellent. Thanks.

sarah j. 2004.07.13 - 09:28AM 27: Let the Games Begin Anonymous
This is my favorite chapter of all! Dammnn, that 'scene' and you know the one I'm talking about was so hot! Whoa. ^_~

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:55PM 9: After the Afterglow Fades Anonymous
A perfect 10!!!!

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:54PM 8: Is This What Beds Are For? Anonymous
Damn, this story is smoking!

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:53PM 7: Usually You Can[t Get a Woman to Come Out of the Bathroom Anonymous
A perfect 10!!!!

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:51PM 6: We Know Continue With Our Previously Sceduled Story Anonymous
*Fanning self* A perfect 10!!!!

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:50PM 4: Step Three: Add a Touch of Alcohol Anonymous
I'm way too lazy to keep reviewing each chappie...so here's my review. A perfect 10!!!! ^_~

sarah j. 2004.07.11 - 06:48PM 3: Step Two: Stir in a Long Staff Meeting Anonymous
Talk about sexual tensions...Each chapter is better than the last!

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