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Reviews for Secretly Slytherin

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 02:54PM 5: Stand Back and Pray that You'll Survive the Explosion Signed
That was sexy/ then it was funny. I love that original bit at the end!

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 02:44PM 4: Step Three: Add a Touch of Alcohol Signed

siesta 2004.10.13 - 09:50AM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
Will review now that I´ve read the whole story! It was brilliant, the lemons were hot and juicy, Severus didn´t turn into a wimp because he got laid and Helena is a gutsy heroine. So when can we read some more?

Gina Potter 2004.10.10 - 04:02PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
This story is absolutely amazing! I couldn't stopo reading once I started. Helena is the best OFC I've ever seen. And I loved the fact that in your fic Severus Snape is the same Severus we see in the books, complex, dark and all that. They are indeed soulmates. I also loved the way their relationship progressed to something pure physical to something more deep, with feelings. They are just perfect for each other. I am looking forward for the sequel of this wonderful story. Please write it! These wonderful universe you created deserve a closure (and I wouldn't mind to read it either). Oh, just wanted to say that I think Snape's age is wrong. For what you said he is 25 years older than Helena, which would make him 43 years old during the story. But JK Rowling said that during GoF he was about 35. So he would be only 17 or 18 years older than Helena. Sincerely! Gina Potter PS: Sorry about the grammar mistakes, but I'm brazilian :)

mystril 2004.08.15 - 05:05PM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Anonymous
I can't believe this received so few reviews. It's very good and I enjoyed reading it. Helene is an exceedingly well developed character and her relationship with Severus is (if not 100% realistic) believable. I'm looking forward to the sequel. (I do hope that you still decide to write it, despite the few reviews you've received)

Cani 2004.07.31 - 07:49PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
Loved it!

T 2004.07.30 - 05:35AM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Anonymous
This definitely ranks in my top two favorite SS fics. Well thought out, intricate, and positively delicious. Can't wait for the sequel!

Lisa 2004.07.25 - 01:13PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
3 hours... 3 hours I've read all of this story and it's prequel. Excellent work! Mind boggling all the twists and challenges you've put in! JKR might be a bit worried...

snarkypants 2004.07.19 - 07:45AM 1: One Week Ends and Another Begins Signed
Again, this was a fabulous story, and I can't wait for the sequel. I love the darker elements of Severus transferring the Dark Mark to Helena to both get her measure and protect her, even though it was repugnant to him. Again, your snarky Severus is right on the mark; I have no problem believing him in love with Helena, but he's not a thweet and cuddwy Sevawus, either.

Laurie 2004.07.16 - 04:43PM 43: The Guest of Honor Arrives Anonymous
Oh. My. God. This is the most SPECTACULAR fic I have ever read. Honestly. Have you ever thought about a career as an author? You have a remarkable talent. Not only was the story itself wonderful, but there were very few typographical errors, which can unfortunately be the downfall of an otherwise good author. Please keep up the spectacular work!

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