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Reviews for Secretly Slytherin

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 11:43PM 15: Meet the Folks Signed
I loved the conversation with her grandmother. I laughed out loud!

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 11:30PM 14: What's My Lie? Signed
A lovely 10.

J.Oz 2004.10.21 - 11:05PM 22: At the Infirmary Anonymous
Oh yes, very bastardly indeed.

J.Oz 2004.10.21 - 10:09PM 17: Into the Woods Anonymous
The smut is great, but I like these moments between Hel and Snazza just as much. Maybe even a bit more! They work so well together, and you write them both so beautifully. Ooh, *first review dance*.

J.Oz 2004.10.21 - 09:22PM 12: Disappointments Anonymous
"He is safe....FOR NOW." BWAAAhahahahaha! Oh, I do love a good drama. A swan, though? Very interesting.

J.Oz 2004.10.21 - 08:25PM 5: Stand Back and Pray that You'll Survive the Explosion Anonymous
I love Monty Python. I love you. I love the parodied death eater part. I love it when Snazza says "Cool!". You are teh true funneh.

J.Oz 2004.10.21 - 08:11PM 4: Step Three: Add a Touch of Alcohol Anonymous
Aaagh! Helena is SO cool!

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 03:56PM 12: Disappointments Signed
Dark is wonderful as long as Snape is involved.

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 03:09PM 8: Is This What Beds Are For? Signed
Excuse me, I need to be alone for a minute.

EllieK 2004.10.21 - 03:00PM 6: We Know Continue With Our Previously Sceduled Story Signed
Point one for Severus.

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