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Reviews for Making Ends Meet

zenobia 2009.11.09 - 12:33AM 23: Manor View Signed
Oke, I hope that severus don't feel bad and can see what a little men his father is and put it behind.

zenobia 2009.11.08 - 11:58PM 20: London Signed
Bad idea, I don't think he's changed, on the other side, Severus can see what a miserable and little men he is. And put it behind

zenobia 2009.11.05 - 10:10AM 6: Forgetfulness Signed
Oh boy, she forgets. Something I can do. I think she is very good for Severus

bvuesXZta 2009.01.10 - 05:04AM 1: The Beginning Anonymous
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rOAUGPnKVhIDkYkd 2009.01.08 - 04:03PM 1: The Beginning Anonymous
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JyXmtFcIzPFtW 2008.12.27 - 12:34AM 1: The Beginning Anonymous
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Mimmom 2008.06.13 - 06:16PM 11: Trouble in Paradise Signed
I read this story before a long while ago. I usually don't read them twice. So that should give you an idea how much I like it. Poor Severus. It breaks my heart that Rosie doesn't hear him out!

crazymarie111 2008.01.05 - 12:33AM 37: Making Ends Meet Signed
Thank you very much, I love it when people make up words (so long as they realize they're doing it). I do it myself from time to time. You've inspired me to want to write a book of my own.

Armadeo 2007.12.20 - 11:45PM 7: Make Or Break Signed
Aw, that chapter was soooo sad. It actually made me cry! That makes it a great story since most stories here don't do that sort of thing. Awesome work.

Artemis 2007.07.02 - 12:45AM 26: I Think It's Time Anonymous
i thought this story was wonderful. i originally found it on mugglenet fanfiction but read the completed version here you have great skill and writing and i would love to read more of your stuff. i absolutely adored the character of Rosie, she seemed so real and someone i could relate to. over all this was a very enjoyable fic.

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