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Reviews for It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Black Spot 2005.12.05 - 02:45PM 1: The MarySue Challange Signed
I enjoyed this story just as much the first time I read it. 'Sigh.' To be in her shoes, even for one night, one can always dream. Thanks.

Author's Response: I agree! Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

amsev 2005.08.19 - 03:19PM 1: The MarySue Challange Signed
VERY nicely done! I didn't realize this challenge could also involve the evil art of self-inclusion. I haven't the foggiest if you self-included or not, but your Mary Sue was a believable and likeable character. In fact, the continuing adventures of Mary Sue Worthington may be in order!!!.

Liked your portrayal of the Potions Master as both wicked (in a good way!) and wicked, in a snarky way towards the student(s).

Might have to take a run at this challenge myself. Self-inclusion and Snape sound mighty tasty together, hee-hee!

Author's Response: You found your way from Ashwinder! Thank you - that's very flattering. I had no idea, when I started to write this, how difficult it would be to write smut in the first person. So embarrassing for some reason - but fun! Thank you for your kind words.

snapeaddict 2004.12.25 - 05:29PM 1: The MarySue Challange Signed
YES, YES, YES!!! Another one I loved. Wish it was me who fell out that window and to Snape's feet. *drool*

Author's Response: Thank ya', ma'am!

Chandra 2004.07.23 - 09:10AM 1: The MarySue Challange Anonymous
Smoke, you're a real pip! thanks again for a fun diversion -

belladonna 2004.07.21 - 01:17AM 1: The MarySue Challange Anonymous
I really enjoyed your story. I especially liked the way you used some of Alan's other movies. Very creative!

siesta 2004.07.17 - 07:38PM 1: The MarySue Challange Anonymous
*great line* "If I was dead I could think of a lot worse places to be than on Snape´s couch wearing nothing but his bathrobe" So could I, smoke, so could I. Great story.

Snow 2004.07.16 - 06:28PM 1: The MarySue Challange Anonymous
A little too saccharine for me, but the bedroom scene was nice

Maya Vega 2004.07.16 - 04:16AM 1: The MarySue Challange Signed
This story and its characters felt very "real" to me, despite the fantasy setting, which was something I highly enjoyed. Also, the "if you're a figment of my imagination..." line was classic.

Morning Fey 2004.07.16 - 12:40AM 1: The MarySue Challange Signed
That was great. I wish I could have an experience like that. I'd even kosh myself on he head! Well done.

Gina R Snape 2004.07.15 - 12:32AM 1: The MarySue Challange Anonymous
Oh, what a lovely little tale. Never before have I seen *Snape* be the MarySue. What nice take.

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