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Reviews for What Else Was I To Do?

Katie Snape 2012.01.01 - 01:59PM 1: Chapter One Signed
That was cute... love the grapefruit separator for the free gift :)

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.26 - 03:12PM 1: Chapter One Signed
Heh, heh! I'm sure Albus found a way to vanish or transfigure all the books into something more useful. And he undoubtedly won't be sending Severus to stay for any length of time at a Muggle safe house again, now will he? Cute ficlet--thanks!

Overhill 2008.01.22 - 02:24AM 1: Chapter One Signed
This came up on the random generator, and I'm glad it did! I read this some time ago, and now, even after all the published canon, this is one of the best fun-factor AU stories out there! Snape and a salesman - it ends totally different than I expected it to when I first read it, and it's still good for a laugh on later readings. Good job!

Author's Response: It still tickles the heck out of me when people find my stories entertaining and fun. Thank you so very much for leaving such a wonderful review.

december 2006.09.24 - 11:39AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Perffectly Snapian! I look forward to your other stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! My other stories are over at Ashwinder.

Max 2006.04.10 - 05:19PM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Great! I just can so imagine the situation!

Author's Response: It was fun to write and thank you so much for leaving a review. I really appreciate it. :)

Titania 2004.07.12 - 10:01AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Very very entertaining! I liked it!

Author's Response: Thank you. It wouldn't leave me alone until I put it down.

Cynthia in West Virginia 2004.07.12 - 08:12AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
ROFLMAO!!!!!! Oh you BAAAAD...LOL...author you! I don't know why in the world I even thought for a minute that Snape was just fed up and bought those sets to get rid of the salesman! Albus must have choked on a lemon drop when he found out. This was truly WICKED...so when are you doing something like this again? Hmmm? I'm drinking my lovely, delicious barium right now, so thanks for taking my mind off of it. *still laughing*

Author's Response: I think it was a combination - getting rid of the salesman and frustrating Albus in one shot. Very efficient, you know. I'll let you know as soon as I do anything else, I promise. Barium - blech! I'm glad I could help.

babyred0633 2004.07.11 - 11:45AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Lol, you just have to love a Snarky Snape...Epans? LOL...how funny..I look forward to reading more by you!

Author's Response: babyred - thank you! I hope to expand this if I can get the planning worked out.

Feather Quill 2004.07.09 - 07:05AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Fantastic! Amusingand quite a surprse. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. I really appreciate your taking the time to review.

hawklaw 2004.07.08 - 09:48PM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
So very, very funny!!!! And in character..and ticking off Albus -- my favorite things.

Author's Response: Coming from the Drabble Queen I am flattered. It was Shiv's doorbell by the way.

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