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Reviews for Patricia's Awfully Big Adventure

darkmark111 2007.07.24 - 02:43AM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Signed
lovely :)

TRE 2005.08.08 - 11:53PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Signed
Mary Sue whatever! As long as it's well written who cares? This was really a sweet little story. The Anne Boleyn reference was so excellent. I think Anne might have tossed a charm over at Percy of Northumberland and it hit Old Henry Tudor instead. I've also always kinda thought William Cecil was a bit of a wizard advisor to Bess.

ladyshiva 2005.07.06 - 02:12AM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Signed
Hehe that was cute, a thoroughly enjoyable little read. I don't think I'd be able to give up the potion master so soon either!

Trickie Woo 2005.04.12 - 07:42PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Signed
I love the last line, 'up all night', I loved it just as much when Snape said it in 'Secretly Slytherin. Great story, your sex scenes are always right out of my fantasies. I wonder , after the night is over, if it will still be just a one night stand?

Vocalion 2004.09.25 - 04:31PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Anonymous
Yow! I just recently learned this whole genre of Snape fics existed! I only write comedy, and you've made me realize all that I've been missing! I'll read more of your stories when I get the chance. Are you the one to thank for the Frock Coat Fetish page? If so, bravo! I refer to it often, for literary inspiration...among other things. Your fic was as much fun to read, as it probably was to write! You have a new fan.

Lucy 2004.08.25 - 08:43PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Anonymous
Nicely done. Beautiful story.

Lisa 2004.07.30 - 04:04PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Anonymous
I've never really been completely sure what a Mary Sue is (I didn't read the challenge requirements), but I've always vaguely assumed it was an annoying self-insert. After reading this story, if "Patricia" really is Mary Sue, then I wish more writers would include them! It was a wonderful fic; beautifully written, well plotted and with a perfectly in character Snape. Well, my idea of Snape's character, at least! The ending was a little sad, but you left it open enough that I can happily imagine them getting together at some future point - I'm a sap for happy endings! Lovely story. Thank you for writing it. :)

Jillian 2004.07.26 - 12:44PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Anonymous
Among your very best! Great job!

aramintasnape 2004.07.21 - 02:30PM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Signed
Lovely! And the ending was sweet!

anonymous 2004.07.18 - 03:48AM 1: The Mary Sue Challenge Anonymous
Beautifully erotic.

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